When environmental protection becomes a struggle for survival German trailer for the provincial thriller «Murder in the Lagoon»

“ Murder in the Lagoon ” is about the clash of the population’s struggle for economic survival in a financially troubled region with the need to protect our environment from human destruction.

In the middle of a period of drought that is severely affecting the rural area, the biologist Ricardo ( Raúl Arévalo ), commissioned by the state, arrives at the idyllic Laguna Blanca. He wants to carry out tests and investigations that should result in the coastal strip used by farmers and fishermen being declared a nature reserve.

Of course, this is anything but well received by the local population, whose already meager livelihood is completely dependent on the lagoon. Instead of realizing that the measures are urgently needed to avert an ecological catastrophe, the residents around the intimidating Donna Francisca ( Susi Sánchez ) meet the townsman and his wife ( Paz Vega ) with open hostility.

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«Murder in the Lagoon» will be released on DVD in Germany on May 27, 2022 with FSK 12 rating. Interested parties can already pre-order the disc from online providers such as Amazon. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can purchase the thriller as video-on-demand from May 13th and then stream it immediately:

» «Murder in the Lagoon» at Amazon *

Memories of «Mörderland» and «Freies Land» are awakened

The trailer for «Murder in the Lagoon» is very pleasantly reminiscent of the strong Spanish crime thriller » La Isla Mínima — Mörderland » in terms of optics and mood as well as in terms of individual characters. Incidentally, the thriller that celebrated its German premiere at the Fantasy Filmfest also has an equally successful local remake called “ Freies Land ”. It was directed by Sløborn and Pandorum mastermind Christian Alvart.

» «La Isla Mínima — Mörderland» at Amazon *
» «Freies Land» as video-on-demand at Amazon Prime Video *

In fact, there is even an overlap between «Murderland» and «Murder in the Lagoon» in front of the camera, but here and there Raúl Arévalo plays the leading role, who series fans should also know from «Velvet». As his wife, Paz Vega starred in Spanglish, Rambo 5: Last Blood and the Netflix series The OA. Other important parts are clothed by Roberto Álamo («The Wasteland»), Susi Sánchez («The Skin I Live In») and Joaquín Climent from «The Minions of Midas».

Meanwhile, Iñaki Sanchez , who is making his directorial debut, is responsible for the production and screenplay of “Murder in the Lagoon” . He previously worked as an assistant sound engineer and director on films such as Chico & Rita and Pedro Almodóvar’s Broken Embraces.

The FILMSTARTS review of «La Isla Mínima — Mörderland»

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