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Update May 29, 2022: Just two days after the original trailer, an even longer version was shown at Star Wars Celebration. The additions are mostly action scenes that don’t reveal much about the plot. So a whole group of Mandalorians goes into battle and the weaponsmith smacks someone on the head with her hammer. There is also an aerial view of the destroyed Mandalore and Grogu appears to save Din Djarin by operating the N-1 Starfighter when he is unconscious. In addition, several aliens appear that belong to the same species as Babu Frik from «Star Wars 9». It is not yet possible to say whether one of them is actually Babu Frik.

Here’s the original message: The Star Wars Celebration 2022 in Anaheim, California has started and like every year (unless it’s canceled because of Corona), many announcements and trailers about upcoming «Star Wars» projects will be made there. FILMSTARTS editor Benjamin Hecht is on site and was amazed when, in addition to the trailer for the «Rogue One» prequel series «Andor» , he also got to see an exclusive sneak peak for » The Mandalorian » season 3, which only was shown to those present and not published on the Internet.

«The Mandalorian»: This is what the trailer for season 3 shows

The trailer begins with the titular hero Din Djarin ( Pedro Pascal ) on a gray and barren planet. We see the Armorer ( Emily Swallow ) telling him «You’re not a Mandalorian anymore» . She accuses him of breaking the code of the warrior people. (After all, Din showed his face to his protégé Grogu in season 2, violating his vow never to remove his helmet in front of living beings.) Worse still, since Mandalore was devastated, it is no longer possible for Din to venture into cleanse the local waters beneath the Mandalorian mines.

Such a conversation already existed in » The Book of Boba Fett «. However, the trailer for «Mandalorian» season 3 reveals that Din Djarin is trying anyway and that the plot of the new episodes will be about exactly that. Din sets off for Mandalore to find the apparently destroyed mines and thus redeem himself. He is also joined by Grogu, often referred to as Baby Yoda, but another returning character also plays a big role in the trailer.

One shot shows Bo-Katan ( Katee Sackhoff ) seated on a throne (this could be the throne of Mandalore), apparently waiting for Din there. Is she up for a fight? Anyway, Bo-Katan’s role in Season 3 will be big. This was announced at the Star Wars Celebration , where actress Katee Sackhoff was brought onto the stage as a surprise guest.

Disney and its affiliates Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff, center) will have a major role in Season 3 of The Mandalorian.

In the trailer there is also a quick succession of various other scenes to see. For example, Greef Karga ( Carl Weathers ) returns, who now seems to be a very wealthy man. At least that’s what the noble red robe and the golden jewelry he’s wearing now indicate. Mechanic Peli Motto ( Amy Sedaris ) was also briefly seen in a shot in the trailer. A scene in which a whole bunch of Kowakian lizard monkeys (known mainly as Jabba’s pets) sit in a tree also caused laughter.

The last scene is particularly interesting: Here Grogu isn’t on the road with Din, but with Bo-Katan. She says something along the lines of, «What, did you think your father was the only Mandalorian?». The two are in a cave. Possibly Bo-Katan also wants to explore the mines. But why she has the little green rascal in tow and whether he goes with her voluntarily or whether she even takes him hostage is not entirely clear.

There is much to suggest that Bo-Katan will primarily appear as Mando’s antagonist in Season 3. Eventually, she wants to possess the Darksaber so she can finally call herself the rightful leader of Mandalore.

In the course of the first material from «The Mandalorian» season 3 , the starting month was also announced: The «Star Wars» series will not continue until February 2023 at Disney + .

Unlike the Sneak Peak for «The Mandalorian», the trailer for » Andor «, which was also shown at the «Star Wars» fair, has already been published online:

Star Wars: Andor Trailer (2) OV
Star Wars: Andor Trailer (2) OV



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