Vor «Top Gun 2» Auf Netflix gibt’s jetzt eine andere Action-Fortsetzung mit Tom Cruise – knallhart und verdammt cool

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With international box office earnings of almost 220 million US dollars, “ Jack Reacher ” could be described as a success with a budget of a good 60 million US dollars. However, fans of Lee Child’s One Shot, on which Jack Reacher is very loosely based, were less than convinced when they found out Tom Cruise would be starring. Not only does he have the wrong eye color, he also has the wrong build – and he’s also 10 inches shorter than the giant Jack Reacher in the novel.

In the end, however, Tom Cruise managed to disprove most doubters because the Mission: Impossible star is just too charismatic an action hero to end up being held responsible for that he doesn’t do justice to the Jack Reacher in the book. Four years after Jack Reacher, Cruise reprized his role as the badass ex-military cop in Jack Reacher: No Way Back , and the sequel is now available to watch on Netflix by subscription .

This is what ‘Jack Reacher: No Going Back’ is about

It wasn’t a very good idea to go back. When former MP Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) visits his old place of work in Washington, DC, where he wants to meet the woman who is now doing his former job, she is no longer in her office and is behind bars. Major Susan Turner («How I Met Your Mother» star Cobie Smulders ) has been sent to a maximum security prison for alleged treason.

Reacher also learns that an ex-prostitute is asking him for money — because he apparently has a daughter, 15-year-old Samantha ( Danika Yarosh ). Reacher does what he does best: breaks Turner out of prison and flees with his potential daughter, pursued by a highly efficient hitman ( Patrick Heusinger ). Piece by piece, Reacher and Turner uncover a major conspiracy…

Jack Reacher 2: No Going Back Trailer DF
Jack Reacher 2: No Going Back Trailer DF


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