TV-Warnung Bei dieser missratenen Fortsetzung einer genialen Sci-Fi-Reihe ist Christian Bale am Set völlig ausgerastet


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This Thursday, May 19, 2022, » Terminator 4: Salvation » will be broadcast on the VOX TV channel at 10:10 p.m. But you don’t really care, unless you need a sleep aid. Because «Terminator: Salvation», as the film is originally called, is one of the most boring sci-fi and action blockbusters that ever made it to the screen. The fact that Christian Bale lost his nerve on the set (more on that below) is not directly related to the poor quality of the film, but it is significant…

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This is what ‘Terminator Salvation’ is about

In 2018, Marcus Wright ( Sam Worthington ) wanders the rubble of Los Angeles naked, disoriented and only remembering his name after the supercomputer Skynet destroyed almost all humans with nuclear weapons and his cyborg army. Only a small underground movement led by John Connor ( Christian Bale ) is still resisting.

As is known from the plot of «Terminator», it will be John who will end the rule of the machines. However, the robots also know this and in order to prevent the victory of the humans, John’s father Kyle Reese ( Anton Yelchin ) should be prevented from traveling back in time so that John is not even born. Ironically, it’s Marcus who tracks down Kyle. But the young man suffering from amnesia carries a dark secret that even he doesn’t know…

That’s why «Terminator 4» is so boring

The plot might sound confusing for those new to Terminator, but once you’ve seen Terminator 1+2, you’ll figure out the time travel game pretty quickly. There are problems in all other nooks and crannies.

For the first time, Arnold Schwarzenegger does not appear in person in part of the sci-fi franchise he shaped. Instead, an extremely badly aged CGI creation has to serve. But the appearance of the Uncanny Valley Schwarzenegger is entertaining in its oddity. A rating that large parts of the film didn’t deserve, although entertainment should be the absolute minimum standard for every action blockbuster.

Terminator Salvation Trailer DF
Terminator Salvation Trailer DF



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