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Thor is one of the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who has undergone the greatest and most obvious transformation. In his first appearances, he was still a serious, taciturn, brooding and somewhat dumb warrior who gradually shed his arrogance. But in » Thor 3: Day of Decision » he suddenly turned into a spell-cracking fun cannon.

Chris Hemsworth undoubtedly has the comedic talent to play this slapstick new Thor, but while the majority of fans were excited about this new take, I’ve always mourned the loss of the original portrayal of the MCU thunder god.

Because I always liked Thor as a counterpoint to the many steam-babblers and wisecracks in the MCU (from Iron Man to Star-Lord). And I also liked the first two Thor movies — even Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom, which is often labeled as one of the worst MCU titles.

Anyone who is willing to give the second «Thor» film a second chance or even watch it for the first time has the opportunity today: «Thor: The Dark Kingdom» will be shown on May 29, 2022 at 10:50 p.m. on ProSieben ( «Guardians Of The Galaxy» is playing before that, by the way. Alternatively, “Thor 2” is also available as a stream on Disney+:

» «Thor: The Dark Kingdom» on Disney+ *

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that Thor 2 is one of the best MCU movies ever. You can tell in «The Dark Kingdom» that things are a bit chaotic behind the scenes and the dark elves around their leader Malekith ( Christopher Eccleston ) remain just as pale as the villain as their white masks (see title picture above this article).

But for me, “The Dark Kingdom” thrives on the strong individual moments. The love-hate relationship between Thor and Loki ( Tom Hiddleston ) is continued brilliantly, there are some cleverly constructed twists and turns and finally one of the saddest and most emotional scenes in the MCU , in my opinion , when an important character dies.

The FILMSTARTS review of «Thor 2»

It’s not just great how «Game Of Thrones» director Alan Taylor stages this moment. It’s also one of the few MCU deaths that is given the space it deserves in the film itself and remains relevant beyond that . And that way even the much scolded dark elves can make a name for themselves, after all they are responsible for death.

And then Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom ends with what I consider to be one of the MCU’s best final battles , in which Thor, Jane ( Natalie Portman ) and their comrades are teleported through different worlds while trying to stop Malekith. In any case, this has already been seen much worse in the MCU.

The plot of «Thor 2»

After an uncanny force, the Aether, possesses his beloved Jane, Thor brings her to Asgard against the wishes of his father Odin ( Anthony Hopkins ). It quickly turns out that the dark elves, who were actually believed to be destroyed, are behind it, who want to use the ether to plunge all worlds into darkness.

After a first fight between elves and Asgardians, Thor has an idea: he wants to set a trap for Malekith. But for that he needs the help of his brother Loki, who is in prison…

Thor 2 - The Dark Kingdom Trailer (2) DF
Thor 2 — The Dark Kingdom Trailer (2) DF


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