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What makes a good and exciting high seas adventure film? Of course, epic battles, visually stunning storms and dramas on deck — and all that and much more is offered by Peter Weir’s » Master & Commander — Until the End of the World «, which has delivered another stroke of genius, even if his seafaring drama is not quite up to par the pinnacle of his masterpieces like The Truman Show and Dead Poets Society.

But with 4.5 out of 5 possible stars in the FILMSTARTS rating, we don’t want to complain at all and can warmly recommend «Master And Commander» with Oscar winner Russell Crowe («Gladiator»), which you can see on Sunday (5 June) at 11.20 p.m watch on RTL ZWEI . For early risers there will be another repetition on Whit Monday at 9.40 a.m. And if you have a Disney+ subscription, it’s very easy for you anyway: «Master & Commander» can be streamed there ad-free and at any time.

» «Master And Commander» on Disney+ *

With us, the historical drama not only achieved an impressive 4.5 stars, but also made it into the list of the best adventure films of all time at number 28. For all those interested, however, the note: «Master And Commander» is not a pure entertainment film in which you simply put your feet up for two hours and reach deep into the (microwave) popcorn bag. Rather, war film, adventure and character study meet — and in a very excellent way.

The best adventure films of all time

The character study naturally comes into play in the microcosm on board the ship — it’s always a special situation when people have to get along with each other in a confined space. And that is particularly well illustrated in «Master And Commander» with the characters Captain Jack Aubrey (Crowe), who is commissioned to destroy a French warship in the 19th century, and the ship’s doctor, Dr. Maturin ( Paul Bettany ) worked up.

«Master And Commander»: Great pictures, strong sound

But not only the very intense action on board in some scenes (the seafarer’s life is a hard one!) is staged in an exciting way, the hunt of the Surprise for the French Acheron is also impressive — and above all with epic battle scenes . In addition, the sound design is excellent, but the enjoyment of it will depend on which television and any sound system you use to watch the film.

In conclusion, we say in the film review: » It was Peter Weir’s goal to create the perfect image of a bygone era and the associated microcosm on a warship. There is no doubt that he succeeded perfectly. An offshore drama has never been more credible. So if you’re looking for an adventure film that doesn’t romanticize the events, then Master And Commander is the film for you.

Master & Commander - To The End Of The World Trailer DF
Master & Commander — To The End Of The World Trailer DF



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