Today on TV crazy sci-fi action in the footsteps of «Starship Troopers» — cinema news

Splendid movie

Tele 5 is showing “ Terra Formars ” this Saturday, April 30th, from 10:25 p.m. And while some sci-fi fans might be tempted to watch humans battle giant cockroaches on Mars (the comparison to Starship Troopers isn’t for nothing), we have to advise against it.

Manga template with Nazi controversy: This is «Terra Formars»

«Terra Formars» is based on a manga series by Yū Sasuga and artist Ken’ichi Tachibana, which became an award-winning million seller in Japan, but also caused controversy. After all, the fight of mostly white heroes against black giants quickly evokes associations of racism. And when secondary characters have names like Adolf Reinhardt and Eva Frost, or a godlike blond hero seems to have sprung straight out of a wet Nazi dream, one has to assume that the controversy was factored in.

When it comes to the cinema film adaptation, however, not much is left of it. Director Takashi Miike («Audition», «Ichi The Killer»), for example, does without the characters mentioned in his film adaptation of only a small part of the template. In the distant future of the year 2599, part of the overpopulated Earth is said to be resettled to Mars. In order to make it habitable at all, cockroaches, among other things, were brought to the red planet years ago. Now a group of criminals gets the chance for a new life instead of the death penalty: They are supposed to play exterminators on Mars.

» «Terra Formars» on Amazon Prime Video *

But nobody told them that other missions had failed before because the beetles had mutated into huge muscular giants. And something else was kept from them: They themselves received beetle DNA, which now enables them to transform themselves and activate special powers. Bugs should destroy bugs like this…

Terra Formar's Trailer DF
Terra Formar’s Trailer DF



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