That’s why there will be no #SchleFaZ with Uwe Boll in 2022 either — but instead a real HAI Light! — Cinema News

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Ever since Peter Rütten and Oliver Kalkofe revealed in an interview with FILMSTARTS two years ago that they «slowly got the white flag out» when it came to Uwe Boll , we’ve been regularly asked: When will there actually be a SchleFaZ for a bulwark?

We recently met the moderator duo again for an interview. It was actually about KulFaZ. In their new format, Kalkofe and Rütten will be celebrating “the most iconic films of all time” on Friday at 8.15 p.m. on TELE 5 from June 10th. The complete interview will therefore not appear until the start of KulFaZ. But we took the chance to ask your question about Uwe Boll: So when will there finally be the SchleFaZ with Uwe Boll? After all, the answer is provided by a title that you can watch from September and that was a real «Holy Grail» for Oliver Kalkofe.

Uwe Boll’s films: Too serious for SchleFaZ? Or just not bad enough?

Peter Rütten: At the time, we made an appointment to say goodbye to this constantly recurring personality with a confident “Come on, let’s do it, then we’ll have it behind us”. But luckily it didn’t turn out to be the case.

Oliver Kalkofe: I think it’s also a very difficult point. I know him too and he is a man of conviction, he did his things with conviction. And a lot of things where you said: «But that’s the worst shit there is» isn’t as bad and shitty as you said. But it is also a lot. And you have to fight with that.

But I find a lot of what he did, especially for us, for SchleFaZ standards, just not that entertaining. It’s often very serious. That’s why I don’t know if the fun factor would be there. Although I find it really exciting and he also said that he would come then. It’s still a task and if there’s a moment when there’s a great idea…

Peter Rütten: … yes, but we haven’t seen the Boll film yet. The film, which also covers what we need in its diversity. Because such a one-dimensional, failed thriller, it’s just too deadly serious.

«Shark Alert on Mallorca»: A SchleFaZ Shark Light instead of Uwe Boll!

Oliver Kalkofe: And then we prefer something like the one we have in the autumn season – namely a title that I can reveal and that we fought for for ten years. I always wanted it, a Holy Grail for me. Our opening film in September will be “ Shark Alert on Mallorca ”! And that is one of the greatest SchleFaZ films ever. I think they actually did it back then because they suspected that one day there would be SchleFaZ where we could celebrate it. That is everything that defines SchleFaZ. Rarely have I been so happy about a SchleFaZ. And you can now savor the anticipation until September.

» «Shark alarm on Mallorca» on RTL + *

There you have it: You shouldn’t expect a SchleFaZ film by Uwe Boll any time soon, but you have to look forward to September when «Hai-Alarm auf Mallorca» opens the autumn season. You can already guess which films are still showing next to the shark trash with Ralf Moeller . Oliver Kalkofe has already given a hint on Twitter (and in the comments there are also some — we’re pretty sure — correct answers).

First of all, however, KulFaZ is coming up anyway. It will start soon. There are four issues at the start, four extraordinary cult films are shown. Here are the titles and dates:

» Flash Gordon » — on June 10, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. on TELE 5
» La Boum — Die Fete » — on June 17, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. on TELE 5
» Top Secret! » — on June 24, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. on TELE 5
» Blues Brothers » — on July 1, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. on TELE 5

Just in time for the start there will be our full interview, in which we will talk about what is different at KulFaZ and what makes a cult.

By the way, Uwe Boll is back after giving up his career as a director. After he last made the controversial terror drama » Hanau «, he is now preparing another English-language film with » Ness «. It’s about the hunt for a famous serial killer — led by an investigator who is also known for a classic film.

On the trail of a classic: Uwe Boll is planning a thriller about a serial killer that still captivates true crime fans today

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