Surprise in the «Avatar 2» trailer Is that the dead villain from Part 1? — Cinema News

The first trailer for » Avatar 2 » doesn’t reveal much yet, but thanks to the preview, an important question has already been answered: How is it possible that villain Colonel Miles Quaritch ( Stephen Lang ) is there again, although he was actually in » Avatar “ dies? The answer: The ruthless colonel has apparently become an avatar himself.

The eponymous avatars in the highest-grossing film of all time are artificial beings created from human and Na’vi DNA that can be controlled by a human whose DNA they have. And you can see that from the fact that humans and avatar bodies have a certain resemblance.

Quaritch is now an avatar

In the trailer for «Avatar 2: The Way Of Water» two Na’vi can now be seen at several points, who appear to be interacting with humans and wear human clothing and weapons. However, these are not real Na’vi, they are avatars — and one of the avatars is almost certainly Quaritch’s.

» » Avatar» at Disney+*

This is not only evident from the bird tattoo on the left upper arm, which Quaritch also wore in his human form (and which he apparently also had on his avatar body). In a later scene you can also see the facial features of Quaritch and actor Stephen Lang in the avatar:

Disney Clearly recognizable by the facial features and the tattoo: This is Miles Quaritch as an avatar!

In «Avatar» Quaritch was pierced by two huge arrows and apparently died, although it is not impossible that the mortally wounded Quaritch was rescued by his comrades at the last second — and then met a similar fate as his opponent Jake (Sam Worthington), whose spirit was permanently transferred into his avatar body at the end of the film.

Disney Here the tattoos again in a direct comparison – on the left in “Avatar” and on the right in the “Avatar 2” trailer

Protagonist Jake Sully and antagonist Miles Quaritch would be more like two sides of the same coin than ever before, and there’s bound to be another confrontation between the two characters — only now they’re both in an avatar body.

A precise explanation for Quaritch’s new existence as an avatar should then be provided by » Avatar: The Way Of Water «, which will be released in German cinemas on December 14, 2022. You can find more about Quaritch and other observations on the first «Avatar 2» trailer in the video by «Avatar» fan and YouTube moderator Sebastian linked above.

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