So sichert ihr euch «Everything Everywhere All At Once» schon vor Kinostart als limitierte Heimkino-Edition


Huge Hype, Anywhere, Anytime: The pressure of expectation for “ Everything Everywhere All At Once ” can be overwhelming . In the IMDb , the sci-fi event with Michelle Yeoh has secured an average rating of 8.9, Metacritic gives an average rating of 82 points, and RottenTomatoes even has 96% positive reviews for the wild multiverse ride. And the users of the popular film diary app letterboxd have given «Everything Everywhere All At Once» the top mark more than 65,000 times so far …

… by the way, that’s more than 50 percent of all ratings! With an average of 4.6/5 stars, «Everything Everywhere All At Once» is enthroned above all other films! From April 28, 2022 , German film enthusiasts can enter the debate as to whether the directing duo Daniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert really delivered the best film of all time . Then the weird sci-fi drama will start in local cinemas. However, those who are particularly impatient can already pre-order the DVD, Blu-ray or the limited 4K Mediabook.

» «Everything Everywhere All At Once» on DVD, Blu-ray and as a 4K media book at Amazon *
» «Everything Everywhere All At Once» on Blu-ray at MediaMarkt *
» «Everything Everywhere All At Once» as a 4K media book at MediaMarkt *
» «Everything Everywhere All At Once» on Blu-ray at Saturn *
» «Everything Everywhere All At Once» as a 4K Mediabook at Saturn *

Incidentally, the expected release date for all three editions is August 12, 2022 . While the DVD and Blu-ray appear in everyday packaging, the 4K edition comes in the Mediabook, which also includes the regular Blu-ray and a 24-page booklet. Since «Everything Everywhere All At Once» has not only left many film fans with euphoria, but also with questions, this edition is of course all the more exciting — even if we currently do not know how many multiverse puzzles are really solved on these 24 pages.

«Everything Everywhere All At Once»: Multiverse, simply brilliant

Laundromat owner Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh) is in trouble: her father ( James Hong ) nags, her daughter Joy ( Stephanie Hsu ) rebels and, of all things, her husband’s washcloth ( Ke Huy Quan ) files for divorce. Then the customers (among others: Jenny Slate ) are annoying, and the grumpy tax officer Deirdre Beaubeirdra ( Jamie Lee Curtis ) is grumbling. But even before Evelyn can murmur, exhausted, «If only everything were different!» into the room, she learns how to use the countless possibilities of the multiverse…

Everything Everywhere All At Once Trailer (2) OV
Everything Everywhere All At Once Trailer (2) OV



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