Sci-Fi adventure on TV for the first time today This «Dune» film was never seen in the cinema — cinema news

The Asylum

For years, the trash forge Asylum has made a name for itself with so-called mockbusters: films that sound like great cinema at first glance, but on closer inspection turn out to be low-budget variants of current Hollywood blockbusters (current example: » Top Gunner 2 : Danger Zone «). The quickly turned off cheap productions usually appear at the same time as the respective “big brother” for home cinema starts and have misled many film fans or even prompted them to accidentally buy the wrong film. Meanwhile, Asylum also enjoys something of a cult status in certain fan circles — which is why we keep reporting about the often bold copies. Same today.

With “ Planet Dune ” , the cheap version of “ Dune ” is celebrating its German free TV premiere on Tele5 today, June 4, 2022 (10:25 p.m.). Of course, one thing is clear: In terms of quality control, Asylum has turned a few corners in front of the big role models, befitting its status. But is «Planet Dune» at least fun as a guilty pleasure or is it just so bad that it’s good again? You can see that for yourself tonight. Alternatively, the film is also available from June 5th to July 5th in the Tele5 media library.

And for trash enthusiasts who can never get enough of crazy spectacles like » Sharknado «, » Megapiranha » or » Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid » anyway, the film is of course also available on DVD and Blu-ray — to keep you entertained .

» «Planet Dune» DVD & Blu-ray at Amazon *

That’s what «Planet Dune» is about

The crew of the colonization ship IMC 5 is to explore and survey a desert planet with conditions similar to those on Earth. But shortly before the crew wants to leave the surface to return to their space station, all contact with them breaks off. But what happened to her? In order to find out exactly that, Captain Chase and her followers embark on a rescue mission — with devastating consequences. Because shortly after their arrival on the planet, they notice who is in charge there: giant sandworms! And they are anything but happy about the uninvited guests…

Planet Dune Trailer OV
Planet Dune Trailer OV



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