Permissive FSK-18 replenishment in the home cinema This erotic film sounds like the dirty brother of «Squid Game»

Golden Harvest/Netflix

It took a whole seven years for » Squirt Game — The Adventures of a Gigolos » to find its way to Germany. seven years! Just to give you a quick reminder of what a long time that is: In its native Hong Kong, the film started in the same year as «Avengers: Age Of Ultron», «Fast & Furious 7» or «Star Wars: The Force Awakens».

According to the motto «better late than never», the film can finally be seen in Germany — where it could certainly attract attention for one reason: the German translation of the title. While the film was marketed internationally under the title «The Gigolo» (which everyone in this country would probably have understood), the decision was made in Germany for «Squirt Game». That not only sounds more revealing, but also fits the provocative cover artwork and of course the 18 rating that the FSK gave.

First of all, however, the title should remind many of Netflix’s series hit » Squid Game «. After all, it sounds damn similar – just like the sexy version. You can now see for yourself that “Squirt Game” is a completely different act – and how much is actually squirting at the end :

» «Squirt Game» at Amazon *

«Squirt Game» will be released on June 3, 2022 on DVD and Blu-ray as well as rental VOD, but you can even buy the film digitally now.

No sexy «Squid Game»: This is «Squirt Game»

One thing right away: «Squirt Game» is not about life and death, but at most about «little death». And when you play here, it’s not a well-known children’s game, but with feelings.

What it’s about: When Fung ( Dominic Ho ) is expelled from college, he has no choice but to take a job as a janitor at his cousin’s club. This is not very creditable for the student, but at least ensures that he can keep his head above water for a short time. But what begins with floor mopping for minimum wage soon leads to a steep career – as a sex worker.

In fact, the club’s staff consists entirely of young gigolos whose job it is to make their customers’ sexual dreams come true. And since Fung is damn attractive, it doesn’t take long for women to start asking him out on sex dates too. He gets involved with the mostly wealthy ladies and whiles away the time on their yachts and in their mansions — until finally one of them, the obsessive Michelle ( Candy Ka-Man Yuen ), makes a decision: She’s tired, Fung to share…

«Squid Game»: When will it continue?

After the mega success of season 1, “Squid Game” is far from over, but it will probably be a while before it actually continues. Author Hwang Dong-hyuk recently revealed that Season 2 will probably not be released before the end of 2024 . One of the reasons for the long wait is the thriller » Killing Old People Club «, which the Korean wants to shoot in the meantime — and which Dong-hyuk is sure will also provide plenty of topics for conversation.

Another «Squid Game» series could possibly reach us earlier. However, this is not a sequel or a new edition and also not a spin-off, but a meta-story: At the center of “The Best Show On The Planet” is the surprising overnight success of “Squid Game » stand.

New «Squid Game» series: This is «The Best Show On The Planet»

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