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Those who viewed “ District 9 ” in 2010 with a certain skepticism did not do so without reason. After all, the film was mainly advertised with «Lord of the Rings» maker Peter Jackson, who produced the science fiction film. And very often it doesn’t bode well if not the creative force behind a film, but the producer and financier is used as a figurehead — but director Neill Blomkamp was not known at that time either.

However, that changed abruptly (and was later underpinned by » Elysium » and » Chappie «): «District 9» not only grossed 210 million dollars and thus at least seven times its production costs, but was also refreshingly different and above all damn good. So good, in fact, that it ended up in numerous ranking lists of the best science fiction films — including here on FILMSTARTS:

The 75 best sci-fi movies of all time

Ten years later, anyone who still hasn’t seen (or would like to see again) the film, which was also nominated for four Oscars at the time, has the opportunity tonight: «District 9» will be shown on May 24, 2022 at 10:05 p.m on nitro. Alternatively, you can currently simply watch the film on Netflix – provided you have subscribed to the streaming service.

What awaits you in «District 9»

After stranding on Earth a few years ago, the extraterrestrials were herded together in a detention center in Johannesburg — until living conditions there deteriorated so much that the authorities decided to relocate the camp to the wasteland to be on the safe side. As tensions between the aliens and humans mount, Wikus Van De Merwe ( Sharlto Copley ) is tasked with ensuring a peaceful resettlement. But it doesn’t take long before the first clashes break out — and Wikus is infected with a strange alien liquid…

District 9 Trailer DF
District 9 Trailer DF



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