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What’s worse than a meteorite heading inexorably toward Earth, likely to wipe out the entire planet? Exactly, two meteorites heading inexorably towards the earth, which will probably wipe out the entire planet! At least for the Hollywood studios, who have invested an incredible amount of money in a disaster blockbuster, only to find out that a competing film with an almost congruent premise is coming to the cinemas almost at the same time…

But hey, shit happens! In relation to such cinematic doppelgangers, this happens much more often than one might think. But more on that later, now first on the duel that kept film fans and box office analysts in suspense in the summer of 1998: “ Armageddon ” by Michael Bay started on July 1st – and thus only seven (! ) weeks after Mimi Leder ‘s “ Deep Impact ” starring Vanessa Redgrave and Morgan Freeman hit the big screen on May 8th .

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The duel of the meteorite blockbusters!

Tonight, the loser of this duel will be on RTL Nitro from 8:15 p.m. – and we have no problem saying that so clearly: Although the studio did everything at the time to somehow get “Deep Impact” in the cinemas before “Armageddon”. (including the abandonment of originally intended director Steven Spielberg , who was stuck on another project), but in the end Michael Bay and his stars Bruce Willis , Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler clearly emerged victorious. Both at the box office and in the favor of the fans!

Sure, both films aren’t particularly good, but «Armageddon» is still often talked about today, while «Deep Impact» is hardly any more. And the earnings at that time also speak a clear language (although the «loser» still made a considerable profit):

Deep Impact:

Budget: $80 million
Worldwide Revenue: $349 million


Budget: $140 million
Worldwide Revenue: $553 million

«Deep Impact» only got a lousy 1.5 out of 5 stars in the official FILMSTARTS review, although it is scientifically at least a bit more accurate than the Gaga trash festival «Armageddon»: «The lovelessness and lack of imagination with which This film was staged is matched by the inflation of the characters presented, who simply lack personality. Routine is still a weak word for a film that basically can only bore for more than two hours and whose finale spills over into pathos.”

The detailed FILMSTARTS review of «Deep Impact»
Deep Impact Trailer DF
Deep Impact Trailer DF



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