On ProSieben today for the first time on TV A bad action film of which we still wish there was a sequel


This Sunday, May 1, at 8:15 p.m., ProSieben is showing “ Charlie’s Angels ” for the first time in Germany on free TV. And we’ll make it short: The action film directed by Elizabeth Banks («Pitch Perfect 2») is a rather tepid pleasure: the adventure of the three very different main characters, who have to pull together to prevent the abuse of a dangerous new energy source, is a lot too often far too generic.

The twists aren’t surprising, there are some good moments in the action production, but there are also a lot of shadows and the greatest potential is used far too seldom. Exactly this potential is the reason why a sequel would still be a good idea.

We want more from Elena, Jane and Sabina!

Because Kristen Stewart as the rebellious daredevil Sabina, Ella Balinska as the tough discipline fanatic Jane and Naomi Scott as the tech nerd Elena are a great trio and grandiose angels who definitely meet their predecessors from the series and the two movies on an equal footing. Whenever they aren’t torn apart by the story and too far apart on missions, but are allowed to act together, Charlie’s Angels is at its best and it’s clear that this could have made for a very easy-going, enjoyable action-comedy with a punch be able.

Charlie's Angels Trailer DF
Charlie’s Angels Trailer DF



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