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How are you supposed to find out from the cinema audience? On the one hand, it complains that there is hardly any explosive popcorn cinema that does not belong to a franchise. On the other hand, a massive piece of action comes into the cinema, which largely dispenses with computer effects and is neither based on a comic nor represents the umpteenth continuation of a blockbuster saga. But hardly anyone buys a ticket. No wonder studios prefer superheroes and countless sequels to established Hollywood brands.

But now you have the opportunity to send Hollywood a signal that you welcome it when a director known for spectacle really lets it rip without advancing any film universe: On June 9, 2022 Michael Bay ‘s fast- paced, Extremely entertaining action thriller » Ambulance » on DVD, Blu-ray and as 4K disc . If the title sells often enough, Universal Pictures might not book its crisp, explosive action ride as a flop after all. It would be nice…

» «Ambulance» DVD, Blu-ray & 4K at Amazon *
» «Ambulance» Blu-ray Steelbook at Saturn *
» «Ambulance» 4K Steelbook at Saturn *

In addition to the standard editions, there are also two stylish steel book editions of «Ambulance»: One that only contains the Blu-ray and one that also boasts the 4K disc. These editions are in great demand and are already sold out in some online shops — fans should better grab them quickly!

«Ambulance»: Bay puts the pressure on!

Ex-soldier Will Sharp ( Yahya Abdul-Mateen II ) urgently needs to pay for expensive treatment for his seriously ill wife. So he turns to his dodgy adoptive brother Danny ( Jake Gyllenhaal ), who promptly shows him an option: Danny wants to pull off a bank robbery! Before Will can even think about it, he finds himself in the middle of a failed coup that leads to the brothers fleeing from the FBI in a hijacked ambulance with a wounded cop and the busy paramedic Cam ( Eiza González ).

Ambulance Trailer DF
Ambulance Trailer DF



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