Now it’s going to be huge! New trailer for «Jurassic World 3 A New Age» — cinema news

» Star Wars » & Co. say hello! After the meta-slasher Scream 5 only just added its scathing commentary on so-called legacy sequels , in which the stars of new films are joined by the heroes of previous franchise entries, now the Jurassic World series hits too this way: In » Jurassic World 3: A New Era «, the «Jurassic World» protagonists* such as Owen (Chris Pratt) or Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) meet the «Jurassic Park» veterans* Ellie Sattler for the first time (Laura Dern) and Alan Grant (Sam Neill). dr Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), who already appeared in » Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom’ is also back in action for the finale, again directed by ‘Jurassic World’ director Colin Trevorrow .

But «Jurassic World 3» promises to be an opulent conclusion to the series not only because of the cast that brings together the decades. The story is also more epic than any other «Jurassic» film before (although of course it still has to be seen whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing): It’s been four years since the destruction of the dinosaur island Isla Nublar . Dinosaurs and humans now share the land areas of the planet — and that’s not always just a peaceful co-existence. Instead, the law of the strongest often applies — and the dinosaurs don’t see why they shouldn’t return directly to the top of the food chain after their absence of millions of years…

The old warriors have to go back there

Owen Grady ( Chris Pratt ) and Claire Dearing ( Bryce Dallas Howard ) may have shown what they’re made of in the past two films, but now the problem has become so big, literally, that they’re desperate for support from Jurassic Park «-Dreamteams Alan Grant ( Sam Neill ), Dr. Ellie Sattler ( Laura Dern ) and Dr. Ian Malcolm ( Jeff Goldblum ) need. After all, it’s about nothing less than domination of planet earth…

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It’s no wonder, by the way, that studio executives brought Colin Trevorrow back to direct the degree. After all, as a producer and author, he was not only responsible for the entire trilogy, he also directed “ Jurassic World ”, which, with a budget of 150 million dollars, made a terrific 1.7 billion dollars into the box office in 2015. «Jurassic World 2», directed by Juan Antonio Bayona three years later , then «only» had a turnover of 1.3 billion dollars. Maybe also a reason why, after the somewhat «smaller» and «horror-like» second part, this time the focus is once again on epic action. At least that’s the impression you get when you watch the new trailer.

«Jurassic World 3: A New Age» will start in German cinemas on June 8, 2022 — one day earlier than originally planned. And if you prefer to watch films in the original version, we also have the English language version of the new trailer for you here:

Jurassic World 3: A New Age Trailer (3) OV
Jurassic World 3: A New Age Trailer (3) OV



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