Now in the FSK-18 media book for home cinema Kevin «King Of Queens» James ensures pure terror as a brutal neo-Nazi — cinema news

Splendid movie

Whether in comedies like » The Zookeeper » or in his popular sitcom » King Of Queens «: Kevin James has built up a reputation as a sympathetic crowd favorite over many years. He has specialized primarily in goofy-friendly contemporaries. But like many other acting stars before him, Kevin James has no desire to only play roles that are in his comfort zone.

In the action thriller » Becky » James therefore attacks his image with full force : he embodies a killer neo-Nazi with a bushy beard, a bear-like demeanor and a swastika tattoo. There was already a regular home cinema evaluation in autumn 2020, and now «Becky» has also been released again in a lover’s edition: as a limited media book with DVD, Blu-ray and accompanying booklet . You can choose from three different cover designs.

» «Becky» Mediabook Cover A at MediaMarkt *
» «Becky» Mediabook Cover B at MediaMarkt *
» «Becky» Mediabook Cover C at MediaMarkt *

But beware: Since the regular DVD and Blu-ray from «Becky» are still available, and at really fair prices, you should understand the more expensive media books as absolute fan editions . If you’re just curious about the title without feeling an increased urge to complete Kevin James, the standard version should be sufficient.

» «Becky» DVD at Amazon *
» «Becky» Blu-ray at MediaMarkt *

«Becky»: Killer Nazi vs. Aggro Brat

13-year-old mini rebel Becky ( Lulu Wilson ) is furious: her mother has been dead for a year, and her father Jeff ( Joel McHale ) is already making new marriage plans. And he confesses that to her at the very beginning of an alleged father-daughter weekend that turns out to be a get-to-know-you meeting with his new beloved Kayla ( Amanda Brugel ) and her son Ty ( Isaiah Rockcliffe ). Nothing could make this situation worse — at least that’s what Becky thinks. But then the neo-Nazi Dominick (Kevin James) appears with his muscle-bound henchmen and takes the blended family-to-be hostage…

Becky Trailer DF
Becky Trailer DF



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