Now available as a streaming subscription One of the best horror films of 2021 is finally available for the first time at no additional cost! — Cinema News

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Despite being a horror fan, director Edgar Wright waited a long time before directing his first true genre entry. While he broke through with zombie hit Shaun of the Dead , it’s a pastiche, like tongue-in-cheek action homage Hot Fuzz or dramatic-leaning sci-fi commentary The World’s End «. In general, Wright had the rogue on his neck for a long time:

His (which has become a cult) flop » Scott Pilgrim vs. the Rest of the World » and his fast-paced, rhythmic actioner » Baby Driver » are humorous. But in 2021 the time had come: Wright curbed his penchant for comedy and promptly delivered one of the best genre contributions of the year with his first true horror film “ Last Night in Soho ” . From June 6, 2022 you can finally stream the highlight at no additional cost — at least as long as you already have a Sky subscription:

» «Last Night In Soho» on Sky Ticket *

Otherwise, of course, you still have the normal chance to stream the film on Amazon Prime Video or simply order the DVD/Blu-ray from Amazon:

» «Last Night in Soho» at Amazon *

In addition to «Jojo Rabbit» star Thomasin McKenzie and Anya Taylor-Joy , known from the Netflix megahit «The Queen’s Gambit», the cast of the film also includes British film and television legend Diana Rigg . Rigg completed her last performance with «Last Night in Soho» before she died of cancer in autumn 2020. The model and «Goldfinger» Bond girl Margaret Nolan , who also died in 2020, made her last film appearance here.

«Last Night in Soho»: That’s what it’s about

Naive, optimistic country bumpkin Eloise (McKenzie) moves to London to study fashion design. Shy as she is, she has a hard time connecting with her fellow students — so she takes refuge in nostalgia for a time she never lived to see: the 1960s. One night she suddenly finds herself right there, clinging to the heels of actress Sandy (Taylor-Joy). Great enthusiasm and even greater terror follow…

Last Night In Soho Trailer DF
Last Night In Soho Trailer DF



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