Noch schnell streamen Netflix entfernt 2 (!) der besten Action-Filme aller Zeiten die ein ganzes Genre revolutioniert haben


Action fans with a Netflix subscription have every reason to be angry. Because in the last few weeks, some of the best and most popular films of the entire genre have disappeared from the provider’s range: from the action Croesus «Terminator 2» to the second part of the popular «John Wick» franchise, to the complete (!) » Mission: Impossible saga. Now it hits the next popular action series. Parts 2, 3 and 5 of the «Bourne» series are only available on Netflix up to and including May 15, 2022.

“ The Bourne Ultimatum ”, the third part of the agent hunt, made it to number 25 in the 2014 FILMSTARTS ranking of the best action films of all time. But “ The Bourne Supremacy ” is still represented at number 75. » Jason Bourne » isn’t quite as strong, but still offers solid action entertainment.

Incidentally, the prelude “ The Bourne Identity ” and Part 4 “ The Bourne Legacy ”, in which Marvel star Jeremy Renner is the main actor instead of Matt Damon, will remain with the streaming service for the time being.

The best action movies of all time
That’s what the «Bourne» movies are about

The «Bourne» films are based on the novels by Robert Ludlum and are about ex-CIA agent Jason Bourne ( Matt Damon ), who is suddenly shot and fished out of the Mediterranean Sea with no memory of his previous life and is now gradually trying to do it Unravel mysteries to unravel his identity as he is regularly targeted by assassins who target him for various reasons…

An influential action franchise

The original Bourne trilogy, consisting of Identity (2002), Conspiracy (2004) and Ultimatum (2007), brought a breath of fresh air to the action genre at the beginning of the millennium. The fight scenes are mainly filmed with handheld cameras, usually very close to the action and follow the action with jerky movements. That was still very unusual at the time and spawned many imitators.

This often ended in a hectic, confusing bustle. But in the «Bourne» films, the camerawork, which seems to react to the action in an almost documentary-like way, added a lot to the authenticity of the fighting.

The Bourne Ultimatum Trailer DF
The Bourne Ultimatum Trailer DF



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