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The MCU is currently proving to be a trendsetter again: After all Hollywood studios were desperately trying to get their own cinema universes on their feet in the wake of «The Avengers» (and with a few exceptions failed miserably), » Spider-Man: No Way Home » massively fueled the next big Hollywood trend: the so-called legacy sequels.

«No Way Home» brought back the previous Spider-Man actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield , whose last appearances were 13 and seven years ago, respectively, and are therefore slowly being viewed with a pleasantly nostalgic look — and hit the nerve of the time and the audience .

With worldwide box office earnings of $1.89 billion, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood is already feverishly considering which actors and film series from recent years could be brought back in a similar form. For the time being, however, MCU mastermind Kevin Feige and Co. have followed up themselves – with “ Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness ”.

Before it hit theaters, Doctor Strange 2 seemed to have the potential to even surpass Spider-Man: No Way Home in terms of guest appearances and sheer multiverse madness. But now that the film has started in the cinemas, it’s clear to me: «Doctor Strange 2» doesn’t come close to «No Way Home», at least in this respect.

«Spider-Man: No Way Home» gets it right

And the reason for this is obvious: In «Spider-Man: No Way Home» the two old Spideys are not just pure fan service, but an essential part of the plot. They help the MCU Spider-Man (Tom Holland) when he hits his lowest point after the death of Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) and also stand by their colleague in word and deed during the grand finale.

And even more important: «Spider-Man: No Way Home» also gives the well-known and popular characters an emotional ending that was hardly thought possible, because both the » Spider-Man » and » The Amazing Spider-Man ” series were canceled before they were fully told.

In one of the most beautiful and touching moments in «No Way Home», Andrew-Garfield-Spidey is allowed to save the MCU-MJ (Zendaya) and thus overcome at least a little the trauma he has suffered since the death of his Gwen (Emma Stone ) drags around with you.

«Doctor Strange 2» gets it wrong

In «Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness», however, the guest appearances remain mere accessories and even worse: They actually slow down the plot of the film and mostly fizzle out without effect.

In part, that’s probably because the five pivotal guest appearances in Doctor Strange 2 don’t mean the same thing to a majority of audiences: Sure, Patrick Stewart as Professor X is well known to everyone, including Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four should mean something to many (even if he hasn’t been played by John Krasinski so far ).

Marvel Studios / Chuck Zlotnick Hayley Atwell and Lashana Lynch aren’t as important to many fans as ex-Spideys Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are.

But as unfair as that is to the great Lashana Lynch , I’m afraid few will remember her performance in Captain Marvel . And Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter never made the same impression as Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire. Not to mention Anson Mount ‘s comeback as Black Bolt from the rightfully forgotten » Inhumans » series, which is really aimed exclusively at Marvel nerds.

Nevertheless, more or more prominent cameos in «Doctor Strange 2» would not have changed the fundamental problem, on the contrary. I suspect the flow of the film would have suffered even more if Tom Cruise had also appeared as Superior Iron Man or Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool , whose performances many fans were won over to the very end.

The big problem with the Illuminati in «Doctor Strange 2»

The problem is that Patrick Stewart’s return as Charles Xavier or John Krasinski’s debut as Reed Richards in the screening of «Doctor Strange 2» that I attended caused a noticeable murmur in the hall. But just as quickly as they appear, they also disappear again because they are killed. They are exclusively fanservice and have no meaning for the further action.

The big fight of the Illuminati against Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) offers decent superhero spectacle and some memorable death scenes, but leaves even me as a big Marvel fan almost completely cold because I have no real connection to any of the characters.

Doctor Strange 2: Ending Explained (FILMSTARTS Original)
Doctor Strange 2: Ending Explained (FILMSTARTS Original)



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