New voices for 3 (!) characters in «Better Call Saul» That’s behind it — series news

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With two characters in particular, many “ Better Call Saul ” fans should have noticed it straight away. Both Rhea Seehorn and Kim Wexler as well as the extremely popular Mike Ehrmantraut (played by Jonathan Banks ) known from the previous series «Breaking Bad» have a new German voice.

This also applies to a secondary character, whose voice was probably less present to fans, which is why not everyone noticed it immediately: the experienced but far too good-natured lawyer Clifford Main ( Ed Begley Jr. ), who in the first two episodes The center of a perfidious plan by Saul ( Bob Odenkirk ) and Kim also has a new voice actor.

Netflix has now resolved the inquiries itself. The reasons for the change are explained in NetflixWoche’s own magazine .

3. Voice for Kim Wexler: The voice actor unfortunately passed away

The change at Kim Wexler became apparent early on – for a sad reason. Claudia Gáldy, who previously spoke the character, passed away in October 2021. The voice actress of, among others, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple in the Marvel series «Daredevil» and «Luke Cage» was only 51 years old.

She is now succeeded by Cathlen Gawlich , who has so far mainly been known as Elizabeth Banks ‘ regular spokeswoman (including in the «Hunger Games» series, «Charlie’s Angels») and is currently in cinemas following singer Björk in » The Northman » . can be heard.

AMC Kim Wexler has a new German dubbing voice.

Gawlich is already the third German voice actress for Kim Wexler. Because in the very first episode, this was spoken by Katharina Spiering, before Claudia Gáldy took over from episode 2 and shaped the character in Germany for the first five seasons.

Change at Mike Ehrmantraut: A voice actor in well-deserved retirement

Many fans already recognized in German advertising clips that Mike Ehrmantraut is no longer spoken by Eberhard Haar. Netflix week has now made it public that the voice actor legend has gone into well-deserved retirement.

He not only dubbed Mike in » Breaking Bad » and the sequel film » El Camino «, but also voiced James Gandolfini in his role as Tony Soprano in the series » The Sopranos » and was one of the most influential German Batman voices. Because in the various animation projects surrounding the Dark Knight, he was heard in the German version instead of the original speaker Kevin Conroy .

After nearly 30 episodes of Breaking Bad and 50 episodes of Better Call Saul, we’re getting used to a new voice for Mike Ehrmantraut.

He is succeeded by Mike Ehrmantraut by Kaspar Eichel , who also has an impressive portfolio. In recent years he has spoken repeatedly to Robert Redford (eg in «The Return Of The First Avenger»), but also to Patrick Stewart (eg in «Logan — The Wolverine»).

New voice for Clifford Main: surprise retirement for a true legend

While Haar’s retirement was already hinted at because he hadn’t worked in recent years, it is now quite surprising that, according to NetflixWoche , Bodo Wolf has also gone into his well-deserved retirement and is therefore no longer Clifford Main in «Better Call Saul» . could sync. Finally, Wolf recently appeared on John Lithgow in the Netflix comedy The Bubble and also had a part in the current home theater release Yakuza Princess .

During his long career, Wolf shaped many exceptional actors in Germany – most recently he was not only the regular voice of the aforementioned Lithgow (also in “Dexter”), but also of Christopher Walken (“Percy”). He was a recurring voice on Richard Jenkins («Shape Of Water»), voicing «Saw» villain Jigsaw ( Tobin Bell ) as well as Robin Williams in many late-career roles. Series fans also know him on Tony Shalhoub as Monk in » Monk » and on Bryan Cranston in » Malcolm in the Middle «.

AMC Far too nice lawyer Clifford Main also has a new voice.

According to Netflix Weekly , Better Call Saul will be succeeded by another voice legend: Lutz Mackensy , known as the regular voice of stars as diverse as Stanley Tucci , Christopher Lloyd and Jonathan Pryce , as well as Rowan Atkinson in his famous roles as Mr. Bean and Johnny English and Al Pacino in The Godfather and The Godfather 2 and Dog Days .

«Better Call Saul»: One episode per week on Netflix

The third episode of the sixth season of » Better Call Saul » will be released on Tuesday, April 26, 2022. After starting with two episodes, it will now continue with one episode per week — until May 24, 2022.

Then there is a smaller break before the second half of the final sixth season of the «Breaking Bad» spin-off is expected to begin on July 12, 2022 .

Better Call Saul - Season 6 Trailer OV
Better Call Saul — Season 6 Trailer OV



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