New to Amazon Prime and (!) Disney+ The grand finale of one of the most successful series of recent years begins — Series News

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Ever since This Is Us premiered on NBC in September 2016, the family drama series has been a real phenomenon, one of the last major formats to have people cheering on TV week after week instead of Netflix and Co. to go through all the episodes of a season at very different speeds.

Despite declining viewership from season to season and although the success of «This Is Us» is mainly limited to the USA, while in the rest of the world it is often unheard of, «This Is Us» can justifiably be called describe one of the most successful series of recent years — and according to audience ratings also as one of the best.

After the finale of the sixth season (and thus the finale of the entire series) was broadcast on NBC on May 24, 2022 , the release of «This Is Us» Season 6 has now started just a few days later in Germany — on two different streaming services : Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ .

» «This Is Us» Season 6 on Amazon Prime Video *
» «This Is Us» Season 6 on Disney+ *

Attention: Both providers initially only have the first episode of the sixth season. Upon request, we received confirmation that the episodes will be published weekly from now on. At Prime Video, the episode is only available in the original English with German subtitles, and the synchronized version is also available at Disney+.

The previous five seasons are also available for subscription on Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus. So if you hear about “This Is Us” for the first time through this article (by the way, the series still has the subtitle “Das ist Leben” in Germany), you can easily start with the very first episode.

The plot of «THIS IS US»

In This Is Us, we follow the lives of three people who were born on the same day and their parents across multiple timelines. Kate ( Chrissy Metz ) and Kevin Pearson ( Justin Hartley ) are born in 1980 as part of a triple birth.

But when their brother Kyle is stillborn, the parents, Jack ( Milo Ventimiglia ) and Rebecca Pearson ( Mandy Moore ), decide to adopt another child. Randall ( Sterling K. Brown ), who was born on the same day, was abandoned by his father in front of a fire station and later taken to the same hospital where Kate and Kevin were born…

This Is Us Season 6 Teaser OV
This Is Us Season 6 Teaser OV



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