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Several Star Wars series are currently in the works. The magazine Vanity Fair therefore published a background article. Its headline «Star Wars: The Rebellion Will Be Televised» alludes to the fact that the legendary franchise is currently taking place primarily on the small home screen and no longer on the big screen. Not only already ongoing projects like The Mandalorian , the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series and long-awaited titles like Andor , Ahsoka , and The Acolyte are cited as examples, but also one, too the existence of which has so far been circulated mainly by suppositions and rumours.

Director Jon Watts , who directed all three «Spider-Man» films with Tom Holland for Marvel, is making an untitled «Star Wars» series. The project is currently codenamed Grammar Rodeo, which alludes to an episode of The Simpsons . Watts is working on the project with author Christopher Ford , with whom he made the horror film Clown and the thriller Cop Car earlier in his career . Ford was also involved in Spider -Man: Homecoming .

A good reference could be the aforementioned «Cop Car», in which two ten-year-old boys steal a police car — and the «The Simpsons» clue also provides an indication. But first things first.

Stories like those of Spielberg now in «Star Wars»?

Because even if the story of the series is still kept under wraps, the journalist Anthony Breznican, known for his good industry contacts, was able to find some information about Watts in his background article at Vanity Fair , for which he spoke with Kathleen Kennedy , Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni , among others ‘ Collect project.

So this series should play at about the same time as «The Mandalorian» and «Book Of Boba Fett» — namely after » Return of the Jedi » and the fall of the empire that took place there. In addition, there is already a casting call looking for four children around the age of eleven or twelve.

Before Obi-Wan: You should have seen these «Star Wars» series episodes on Disney+

Lucasfilm is also describing the project internally as a «galactic version of the classic ’80s Amblin coming-of-age adventure films . » Amblin is the company that Steven Spielberg once founded together with «Star Wars» boss Kathleen Kennedy, among others, and where films such as » ET «, » Gremlins » and » The Goonies » were made in the 80s — all of them have one thing in common is that the focus is on very young characters who experience their own adventures and sometimes mess with authorities.

That reminds us of the Watts film “Cop Car” mentioned, which also deals with this topic. And remember the Simpsons codename «Grammar Rodeo» mentioned above? The reference is to «The Simpsons» episode «Bart On The Road» or «Knoxville», the 20th episode of the 7th season of the acclaimed animated series. The plot: Bart and his classmates Nelson, Martin and Milhouse go on a road trip with a fake driver’s license and a rented car and explain their absence to their parents as supposedly attending a Grammar rodeo.

Cop Car Trailer OV
Cop Car Trailer OV


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