New role for Kevin Spacey With this film the outlaw star is supposed to celebrate a surprising comeback — cinema news


It made waves when Oscar winner Kevin Spacey was accused by Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp of molesting him when he was a minor in 2017 . As a result, many other similar-sounding allegations against the Hollywood star were made. The consequences followed immediately: Ridley Scott reshot Spacey’s scenes in the thriller drama » All the Money in the World » with substitute Christopher Plummer.

Streaming giant Netflix, meanwhile, ditched Spacey from the final season of hit series House Of Cards and also buried the already twisted biopic Gore , in which the actor played famed writer Gore Vidal, in the poison closet (making millions of dollars in were blown by the wind). The star-studded “ Billionaire Boys Club ”, which then got at least one more (barely noticed) release in 2018, was therefore considered a possible last film by Spacey. But now the outlawed actor is surprisingly back:

According to Deadline , Spacey will play a key role in the historical drama 1242 — Gateway To The West — alongside other Hollywood veterans such as Christopher Lambert , Eric Roberts and Terence Stamp . However, the film is not a US, but a British-Hungarian-Mongolian co-production. Nevertheless, it is the biggest new project for Kevin Spacey since his (now temporary) career.

This is «1242 — Gateway To The West»

The focus of «1242» is the Mongolian general Batu Khan, who is in no way inferior to his famous grandfather Genghis Khan in terms of strategic skill and expansion efforts. In the 13th century, Batu Khan even plans to conquer Europe, but quickly finds himself confronted with unexpected obstacles.

The advance comes to a standstill at a castle in Hungary — thanks not only to the good defense of the old walls, but also to the influence of the engaging Cardinal Cesareani (Spacey)…

Are the (almost) finished Spacey films coming now?

1242 — Gateway To The West is scheduled to begin filming in October 2022. Before that, those responsible at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival are looking for distributors who are willing to market a new Kevin Spacey film.

If that succeeds (which we are currently assuming) and a Spacey comeback is actually imminent, this could possibly open the door for the publication of other pending projects by the 62-year-old. According to IMDb , in addition to «Gore», the film «Peter Five Eight» and the drama «The Man Who Drew God» by and with Italo-Western legend Franco Nero have already been completed.

And the mentioned «gore» is not yet completely off the table. While it’s extremely unlikely that Netflix itself will release the film, there may be another buyer. However, this is made more difficult by the fact that some scenes — according to early script descriptions — have unpleasant parallels to the allegations against Spacey, as you can read again in one of our older articles:

The background to the cancellation of «Gore»



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