New on Netflix Today there are 5 (!) horror shockers in one go — sadistic clowns murderer dolls &amp more — cinema news


The Netflix streaming service is starting the weekend with a program replenishment of opposites: Today Netflix is ​​uploading a parade of B to C horror films from the past few years — as well as some difficult to swallow, dramatic social documentaries. In other words: There is horror where the quality is chilling and there are films about the real horror of this world.

«Amityville Theater»: A horror film about a horror cinema

Fawn Harriman ( Monèle LeStrat ) inherits an abandoned movie theater in the town of Amityville after the tragic death of her parents. So she travels to her new property with some friends to check on its condition. At first, the five are enthralled by the stylish cinema setting, but the appearance of a strange young girl sets off a series of strange, harrowing events. The cinema becomes a death trap — and there seems to be no way out!

Amityville Theater - The Last Show Trailer OV
Amityville Theater — The Last Show Trailer OV



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