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On the first day of every month there is always a lot of fresh film supply on Netflix . May 1, 2022 is no exception. And since it falls on a Sunday this time, subscribers to the streaming service can look forward to (more or less) fresh film material for a change on weekends that are otherwise often short of supplies.

But Netflix is ​​also doing a good job on the six days beforehand, including the sequel to its own erotic hit “ 365 Days ” and the last episodes of the popular series “Ozark” and “Grace And Frankie”.

These are the highlights of the Netflix week from April 25 to May 1, 2022:

Monday: The Biggest DC Hit

The Netflix week starts off with a bang with Aquaman . The solo adventure of the rough-and-tumble fish friend ( Jason Momoa ) not only offers fun superhero blockbuster entertainment, but is also the most successful film from the comic forge DC to date with worldwide grossing of over 1.1 billion dollars (just under before » The Dark Knight «, » The Dark Knight Rises » and » Joker «). With the availability on Netflix, you can also slowly get in the mood for the long-awaited » Aquaman 2 «, which will start in cinemas on March 16, 2023.

Tuesday: Nothing new

What is usually the weekend, this week it is Tuesday when there are currently no new Netflix titles.

Wednesday: «365 Days 2»

Although the Polish erotic film «365 Days» received absolutely miserable reviews, it enjoyed huge popularity on Netflix in 2020, so that film adaptations of volumes 2 and 3 of the underlying novel trilogy were quickly decided. With » 365 Days: This Day » the second part of the story about the — to put it mildly — unusual relationship between the gang boss Massimo ( Michele Morrone ) and Laura ( Anna Maria Sieklucka ), who was once kidnapped by him, is about to start.

365 Days 2: This Day Trailer OmdU
365 Days 2: This Day Trailer OmdU



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