New on Netflix The new action hit by the «Tyler Rake Extraction» makers is reminiscent of «Die Hard» – cinema news –

Jasin Boland/Brook Rushton/Netflix

With » Tyler Rake: Extraction » Netflix landed one of its biggest film hits to date: The action hit starring Chris Hemsworth benefited from being launched right at the beginning of the corona pandemic and became the third most successful Netflix film of all time (in hours watched). No wonder the streaming service is already working on a sequel .

However, it will be a while before that comes – before that, namely today, Hemsworth (as producer) and his “Extraction” director Sam Hargrave (as consultant for the action scenes) are at least launching another action film on Netflix: “ interceptors ”.

The main role in «Interceptor» is not played by Mr. Hemsworth, but by Mrs. Hemsworth: Elsa Pataky has been married to the Thor actor since 2010 and is well known to an action-loving audience, after all she played one in «Fast & Furious 5-8». important role as Elena, fellow agent of Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and mother of Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) son.

The plot of «Interceptor»

In «Interceptor» Pataky can now be seen as US officer JJ Collins, who is transferred from her dream job at the Pentagon to a remote missile defense station of all places.

When they get there, however, their combat skills soon come in handy, because a group of terrorists led by the unscrupulous Alexander ( Luke Bracey ) grabs the nuclear missiles stationed there, overwhelms the rest of the crew and now wants to take over the command center as well. But they reckoned without Collins, who stubbornly resisted the terrorists and repeatedly foiled their plans…

Interceptor Trailer DF
Interceptor Trailer DF


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