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Almost can feel a bit sorry for DC: Although the » The Dark Knight » trilogy was the measure of all things in the superhero genre for a long time, Marvel ran up against the competition with the » Iron Man » launched in 2008 and the resulting Marvel Cinematic Universe ( MCU) gradually climbed the ranks and has had box office hit after box office hit ever since.

But that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been some hugely successful DC movies in recent years: » Joker » developed into an absolute phenomenon in 2019 and a year earlier Warner and DC cleared up » Aquaman » at the international box office: Almost $1.15 billion was raised, making the superhero film the most successful DC title of all time.

Anyone who missed «Aquaman» in the cinema or would like to watch it again can do so on Netflix from April 25, 2022 . Alternatively, “Aquaman” is also available as part of a membership with Amazon Prime Video or RTL+ at no additional cost:

» «Aquaman» on Amazon Prime Video *
» «Aquaman» on RTL + *

This is «Aquaman»

In » Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice » and the unloved theatrical version of » Justice League » Jason Momoa had his first appearances as Arthur Curry aka Aquaman, in 2018 he got his first solo film as an underwater hero:

Born to a human lighthouse keeper (played by Temuera «Boba Fett» Morrison ) and the Queen of Atlantis ( Nicole Kidman ), Arthur doesn’t really feel at home in either world.

However, when his half-brother Orm ( Patrick Wilson ) prepares to unite the seven underwater kingdoms and declare war on the human world above, Aquaman must accept the fight for his rightful place on the throne. He is helped by his mentor Vulko ( Willem Dafoe ) and the warrior princess Mera ( Amber Heard )…

Aquaman Trailer DF
Aquaman Trailer DF



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