New on Amazon Prime This dark horror film from the director of «The Fly» is far too unknown — and was indexed for a long time! — Cinema News

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There is probably only one filmmaker who understands it so cleverly and competently to reconcile genre cinema with scientific or intellectual mind games: David Cronenberg . Classics like «The Fly» or «Videodrome» are certainly not stingy with bloody, explicit show values, but they also deal in a sincere way with human existence and the pros and cons of technical progress.

» Rabid — The Roaring Death «, which is now available unabridged as a subscription to Amazon Prime Video , is not yet as mature as later Cronenberg works, but has a rawness that mercilessly crawls under the skin. In addition, the horror film, which can also be seen as a feminist (violent) study or a pessimistic portrait of the big city, was even on the index from 1982 to 2005. “Rabid” is still uncomfortable.

» «Rabid» on Amazon Prime Video *

That’s what «Rabid» is about

The young couple Rose ( Marilyn Chambers ) and Hart Read ( Franklin Moore ) have a serious motorcycle accident. Both are immediately delivered to the nearest hospital. While Hart is only slightly injured, Rose requires immediate surgery. The doctor dr. Dan Keloid ( Howard Ryshpan ) decides to try a high-risk new method of treatment on Rose.

He removes their healthy tissue and has the cell nucleus unprogrammed so that it can be reused elsewhere with great adaptability. This means that the uncontrolled proliferation of the transplant is accepted — and yet Rose seems to be doing well after the operation. However, it soon turns out that the woman, like a vampire, can only eat blood and starts killing other patients…

Rabid Trailer OV
Rabid Trailer OV
Also new to Amazon Prime Video: «Midway»

Just recently, Roland Emmerich ‘s sci-fi spectacle «Moonfall», which is now also available for home cinema, has made a huge splash at the box office. This finally made it clear that the «Independence Day» maker is no longer a guarantee for big box office numbers. His previous film, » Midway — For Freedom «, which is now included in the Prime subscription, also met with little interest. Viewers who are interested in spectacular war action are welcome to take a look.

» «Moonfall» on Amazon Prime Video *

And that’s what it’s all about : The Midway Atoll in the North Pacific consists of a ring-shaped coral reef almost ten kilometers in diameter, two main islands and several small islets. Midway was discovered in 1859 and annexed by the United States eight years later. The islands were named because they are roughly halfway between California and Tokyo, making them the perfect stopping point for merchant ships.

» «Midway — For Freedom» on Amazon Prime Video *

However, the atoll only became world-famous through the air and sea battle between American and Japanese forces that raged here from June 4th to 7th, 1942. After Japanese naval planes surprisingly attacked the United States Pacific Fleet, which was anchored in Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor, the USA also got involved in the Second World War. Commander-in-Chief Admiral Nimitz ( Woody Harrelson ) sends his best pilots to stop the numerically far superior enemy…

Midway - For Freedom Trailer DF
Midway — For Freedom Trailer DF

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