New on Amazon Prime In this horror film from the «Conjuring» makers an ancient curse causes fear and terror

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Of course, we don’t want to spoil too much at this point as to how » Llorona’s Curse » really fits into the » Conjuring » universe. Suffice it to say that it has something to do with the priest Perez (Tony Amendola) who we met in «Annabelle». In addition, the horror film by Michael Chaves is not a highlight of the genre, but definitely a pleasant change from the jump scare parades that are still booming these days.

Rather, «Llorona’s Curse» is a classic horror story that takes the time to dress the legend of the legendary murderer mother, which is widespread in Mexico, in atmospheric images. You can now find out whether this gives you a pleasant gasp by subscribing to Amazon Prime Video , because «Llorona’s Curse» is now available there at no extra charge.

» «La Llorona» on Amazon Prime Video *

That’s what «La Llorona» is about

In 1970s Los Angeles, a social worker ( Linda Cardellini ) is investigating a case of two children who disappeared from the face of the earth under apparently mysterious circumstances. But the deeper and more intensively she deals with the case, the clearer it becomes that her own family is probably also in great danger. This has something to do with a Mexican folk tale about the weeping woman, La Llorona, which may be truer than many realize.

Because the horrible apparition seems caught between heaven and hell and is at the mercy of a fate that she is to blame for herself: she once drowned her children in a terrible fit of rage and then threw herself down a torrential river. Meanwhile, she roams the dark night chasing children to replace her own. She becomes more and more insatiable and her methods increasingly cruel…

Curse of Llorona Trailer DF
Curse of Llorona Trailer DF



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