New on Amazon Prime A bitter end of the world with Keira Knightley &amp a new sci-fi series with the «Spider-Man» star — cinema news

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The corona pandemic also meant that directors and production studios had to find creative ways out in order to still be able to stage films. A popular option was therefore to switch to chamber plays, which concentrate on one plot and are not realized with too much effort. This is also the case with “ Silent Night ”, which is now included in the Amazon Prime Video subscription . This is where the world ends on Christmas of all days!

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That’s what «Silent Night» is about

A cozy little house in the English countryside: The Christmas tree is magnificently decorated, the holiday feast is lavishly prepared and nostalgic evergreens ring out in the room. When Nell ( Keira Knightley ), Simon ( Matthew Goode ) and their son Art ( Roman Griffin Davis ) welcome relatives (including «Malignant» star Annabelle Wallis ) and friends, nothing seems to get in the way of the perfect Christmas.

But in the small cottage, it quickly becomes apparent that loved ones are not always particularly loving. Because there is much more in trouble here than the forgotten stick toffee pudding: Nobody will survive this festival, that’s already certain, because today of all days the world will end. The nerves of the guests are becoming more and more bare, they are arguing, cursing and drinking, while the horror is approaching quietly…

Silent Night Trailer DF
Silent Night Trailer DF



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