New in the home cinema — finally This far too unknown cult classic is a must for fans of martial arts &amp 80s action — cinema news

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When martial arts enthusiast Leroy Green ( Taimak ) — commonly known as «Bruce Lee-roy» — dons his bright yellow Bruce Lee memorial onesie to stand up for good in New York City, it’s not just a nod to the probably the greatest cult figure in martial arts cinema. “ The Dance of the Dragon ” itself has long since achieved cult status, even a real pop culture phenomenon, to which countless films and series obviously bow – from the sitcom hit “ How I Met Your Mother ” to Disney’s “ Raya und the last dragon ”. The problem with this: Many do not even discover the allusions to the martial arts blaxploitation fireworks because they simply do not know the film.

In Germany, for example, the cult film from 1985 known internationally as «The Last Dragon» was once released on VHS, but then disappeared for what felt like an eternity. It was only last year that it was finally given the honor of finally appearing not only on DVD, but also as a Blu-ray — in a strictly limited Mediabook edition. From now on, «The Dance of the Dragon» is also available for the first time as an inexpensive standard version on DVD and Blu-ray:

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Fans of martial arts movies, blaxplotation cinema, or just 80s cinema magic no longer need to dig deep into their pockets to enjoy this uniquely entertaining kung fu adventure. You can expect puffed-up blow-dried hairstyles that can also be used as pillows if necessary, snappy jokes that would probably get you in trouble with the moral police today, and of course lots of kung fu action!

This is «Dance of the Dragon»

«The Dragon Dance», which by the way was anything but a low-budget production at the time with production costs of a whopping ten million dollars, tells the story of Leroy Green, who emulates his great idol Bruce Lee and dreams of one day becoming a great martial arts master to be. He is about to reach the last level of his training and thus gain the legendary glow when his master suddenly throws him out of the door — and sends him on an odyssey that will change his life forever. First of all, however, Sho’nuff ( Julius Carry ), the Shogun of Harlem, has to be stopped and the pop starlet Laura Charles ( Vanity ) saved from a whole bunch of petty crooks…

The Dance of the Dragon Trailer OV
The Dance of the Dragon Trailer OV



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