New in home cinema This sci-fi horror classic paved the way for «The X Files» and «Blob» — now it’s celebrating its HD debut

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For decades, the British Hammer Studios made a name for itself with stylized, subtly funny and darkly brutal genre films. In particular , Christopher Lee’s interpretation of » Dracula » and » The Curse of Frankenstein » with Peter Cushing made their way to an iconic position in pop culture. But alongside Hammer Studios’ gory milestones, there are some gems from the production company that may not enjoy mainstream fame, but have nonetheless left their mark on their genre.

These films include » XX…Unknown «, a mix of science fiction, horror and mystery, which is considered to be the forerunner of the much better known US genre hit » Blob — horror without a name » and to which some voices even credit the hit series to have prepared the X — Files . This week, the sci-fi horror classic celebrated a late home cinema debut: “XX…Unknown” was recently released on Blu-ray for the first time in Germany .

» «XX… Unknown» on Blu-ray at Amazon *
» «XX… Unknown» in the limited Mediabook at Amazon *

In addition to the uncut theatrical version with several optional audio commentaries, the Blu-ray also includes a lot of accompanying material, including a contribution from «Gremlins» director Joe Dante . The Blu-ray also contains the severely shortened Super 8 version of the film as a bizarre bonus.

«XX… Unknown»: Sci-Fi, Horror, Mystery and Cold War

Several earthquakes occur during British Army maneuvers. The troops are also worried because the Geiger counters on the site are penetrating. Strange, ominous discoveries are soon made, prompting government scientists Dr. Royston ( Dean Jagger ) summoned to investigate. He soon encounters a slimy, black substance that he believes to be a primeval creature…

This chilling sequel to a horror milestone is finally here in the ultimate edition — with 2 cut versions!

Although «XX…Unknown» has earned the status of a genre gem, which fans celebrate, among other things, because it very intensely captures Britain’s early Cold War fears , it all started inconspicuously: the first drafts saw the film as a sequel to the surprise hit “ Shock ” from 1955. Because of screenwriter Nigel Kneale ‘s objections, XX…Unknown was ultimately redesigned as a standalone film.

Then there was another obstacle: the director Joseph Losey , who was initially engaged for the project and ended up on Hollywood’s black list during the McCarthy era and therefore went to Great Britain, called in sick shortly after the start of shooting. Leslie Norman was brought on board as a replacement, but he fell out with the studio during production.

Disturbing, devastating and long indexed: one of the best serial killer movies comes back to home cinema

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