New at Amazon Prime Video This fantasy action cracker is much better than its reputation — for fans of «Conan» &amp Co.! — Cinema News

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Robert E. Howard is best known to fantasy fans for his «Conan» stories (and probably even more for their film adaptations with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Momoa ). But Howard has also created other characters, including the death-haunted pirate Solomon Kane, the main character of the 2009 action-fantasy of the same name.

» Solomon Kane «, starring James Purefoy («Rom», «Altered Carbon») in the title role, is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video at no extra cost as part of a Prime membership — and for those who have a weakness for fantasy blockbusters and/or cloaked and sword stories should definitely take a look:

» Solomon Kane on Amazon Prime Video *

What is Solomon Kane about?

Solomon Kane has made a name for himself as a merciless pirate lord, but one day the just punishment overtakes him: Death wants to take his soul and Kane just manages to save himself from eternal damnation at the last second. Renouncing violence and bloodshed, he lives in peace in a monastery for a year until he is asked to leave the abbey because the Dark Forces are still after him.

On his travels through plague and misery-stricken Britain in the late 16th century, he finally meets William Crowthorne ( Pete Postlethwaite ) and his family, who take him in. When brutal mercenaries under the command of the evil magician Malachi ( Jason Flemyng ) attack Kane’s new family and kidnap daughter Meredith ( Rachel Hurd-Wood ), the reformed man is forced to take up arms again — even if his soul is then lost for good…

Solomon Kane Trailer OV
Solomon Kane Trailer OV



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