Neue Netflix-Serie «Heartstopper» So kam es zum super-geheimen Star-Auftritt — Serien News


Now everyone should have noticed: Oscar winner Olivia Colman really plays in the new Netflix series “ Heartstopper ” . Already in the very first episode of the series about the gay Charlie ( Joe Locke ), who falls in love with his apparently heterosexual classmate Nick, she can be seen as Nick’s ( Kit Connor ) mother. And even if Colman’s role is small, we can already tease you here — without wanting to reveal too much — that there are more and, above all, a very special scene with her.

But why didn’t Netflix reveal beforehand that such a prominent actress is also part of the cast for such a big and heavily promoted series? They wanted to keep Colman’s appearance secret as a special surprise — and are also completely amazed that this was even possible.

Alice Oseman was even more surprised . The comic book author, who is now also tackling the adaptation of her template herself, says she was quite perplexed that Colman wanted to be involved. Producer Patrick Walters has revealed to Britain’s Metro magazine that he suggested Colman to play Nick’s mother, knowing it would be brilliant but unlikely.

«I thought that was the absolute stupidest idea ever ,» explains the author in an interview with Metro , her first reaction to her producer’s suggestion. «I thought there was no chance she or anyone else that famous would play that role. And I was proven wrong.”

Because after «Heartstopper» director Euros Lyn , who had already worked with Colman on » Broadchurch «, made contact and the actress was simply given a few excerpts from the script and the comic template, she said completely surprisingly and squeezed two days of shooting into her busy schedule, during which all of her scenes were shot. So it’s also part of what is probably the most touching moment of the series (which, as we said, we don’t want to reveal just yet).

Olivia Colman was awarded an Oscar in 2019 for her role in » The Favorite » and has recently been nominated twice in a row: in 2021 for » The Father » and recently in 2022 for » Woman in the Dark » — a Netflix film. She has also previously worked with the streaming service on the series “ The Crown ”, where she embodies the British monarch Elizabeth II in the third and fourth seasons.

Colman’s upcoming credits include the recently filmed Wonka opposite Dune star Timothée Chalamet, and she is currently starring in Empire of Light , the latest 1917 film and James Bond: Skyfall Director Sam Mendes, on camera.

Season 2 «Heartstopper» on Netflix? There is enough material!

Many fans should also hope that we will see them again in a second season of «Heartstopper». Whether there will be one remains to be seen. Netflix will make this dependent on the final success of the first season in the next few days and weeks.

There is also enough material for a second season. The first season covers the plot of the first two comic books by Alice Oseman. Your comic series already has two more volumes, which could then serve as a template for the second season. In addition, Volume 5 and Volume 6 have already been announced and are scheduled to be released in 2022.

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As I said, you can currently stream “Heartstopper” on Netflix. By the way, if you watch the original English version, you can discover another British star there, who was also revealed in the pre-promotion. The headmaster, who cannot be seen but can be heard, is spoken by the British comedian Stephen Fry . In his home country he is also known as a reader of the Harry Potter audio books. He is also known from the legendary comedy series «Blackadder» or as the mayor of Esgaroth in Peter Jackson’s «The Hobbit» films.

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