Neue Hoffnung für «National Treasure 3» Nicolas Cage soll noch mal Schatzjäger Ben Franklin spielen

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For the theatrical release of » Top Gun 2: Maverick «, producer legend Jerry Bruckheimer (including «Top Gun», «Beverly Hills Cop», «Pirates of the Caribbean») took the time to ask the fans at a so-called Ask-Me-Anything on Reddit to deliver. And one fan asked if the producer had any plans to work with Nicolas Cage again anytime soon . Bruckheimer’s answer:

«Absolutely. i love nicholas He’s a brilliant actor and we’re currently working on a script for ‘National Treasure’.”

By this, Bruckheimer can actually only mean “ National Treasure 3 ”. There’s also a National Treasure series coming to Disney+ , but it’s been filmed for a long time. You no longer have to work on the script for this. Because of the series, another cinema sequel was actually considered impossible — especially since » The Legacy of the Secret Book » is now 15 years ago.

«National Treasure» franchise in cinemas and on Disney+

But Bruckheimer’s response now suggests that Disney wants to take a two-pronged approach with the «National Treasure» franchise. The series, centered on a young treasure hunter named Jess Morales ( Lisette Alexis ), is coming to Disney+. While it’s set in the world of movies, so Justin Bartha has a supporting role as Riley Poole, it should still function quite independently and try to attract a new, young audience.

However , fans of » The Legacy of the Knights Templar » and » The Legacy of the Secret Book » can now once again harbor the legitimate hope that Nicolas Cage will once again experience an adventure on the big screen as Benjamin Franklin Gates and hunt for treasure there himself.

» «Legacy of the Knights Templar» on Disney+ *
» «Legacy of the Secret Book» on Disney+ *

If and when we will see that, the future will show and certainly also depends on the script that is currently being developed. After all, this has to convince Bruckheimer, Cage and above all Disney. On the other hand, you can certainly see Nicolas Cage in the cinema very soon — in the role of his life: In » Massive Talent » he plays Nicolas Cage. Theatrical release is June 16, 2022.

Massive Talent Trailer DF
Massive Talent Trailer DF



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