Neu bei Amazon Prime In diesem blutigen FSK-18-Ekel-Horror verbreitet sich die Zombie-Seuche über die Genitalien!

Splendid Film/WVG/Amazon Prime Video

With the abundance of zombie content that films, series and video games have thrown at us in recent years, it’s pretty understandable if you shouldn’t be interested in the shambling revenants anymore. However, there are exceptions for which one should overcome one’s displeasure for a short time.

For example » Night Of Something Strange «, which is now included in the Amazon Prime Video subscription . The extremely bloody FSK-18 tear is certainly not a masterpiece, but it really lets the pig out for a little over 90 minutes — and even reminds of the recently heavily hyped » The Sadness «. Because here, too, the infected become sex-hungry zombies who jump on everything that isn’t in the trees in three.

» «Night Of Something Strange» on Amazon Prime Video *

That’s what «Night Of Something Strange» is about

Cornelius ( Wayne W. Johnson ) is employed at a morgue and cultivates a somewhat unhealthy affection for the dead. He also catches a dangerous, highly contagious virus that can only be transmitted sexually and turns everyone who gets infected with it into horny zombies — and of course they want nothing more than to spread the plague.

A group of party-happy teenagers are targeted by the walking monsters: Carrie ( Toni Ann Gambale ) and her friends actually wanted to spend a week on the beach in the blazing sun, but they lose their way and suddenly end up in a remote motel — and here they are awaiting them from a horde of zombies. A bloody struggle for survival begins…

Night Of Something Strange Trailer OV
Night Of Something Strange Trailer OV



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