Neu bei Amazon Prime Einer der besten Filme der vergangenen Jahre – Pflichtprogramm für alle Kinder der 90er

Tobin Yelland

Whether it’s «Superbad», «21 Jump Street» or «The Wolf Of Wall Street»: Jonah Hill no longer has to prove to anyone that he can be funny. With «Moneyball», for example, he made it more than clear that he is also serious. In the end, it was his first of two Oscar nominations. But just because someone is versatile in front of the camera doesn’t mean they’re good from the director’s chair.

In the case of Jonah Hill’s feature film debut as a director, however, any doubts were unfounded — because » Mid90s » from 2019 is an absolute precision landing and an absolute must-see, especially for children of the 90s who grew up between sibling bickering and skater parks. And so the film landed in four (!) members of the FILMSTARTS editorial team in their annual best lists of 2019. Did you miss «Mid90s» in the cinema or maybe you’ve never even heard of it? Then you now have the opportunity to catch up on this little gem (the film runs a crisp 84 minutes including the credits): «Mid90s» is now available as a subscription to Amazon Prime Video at no additional cost:

» «Mid 90s» on Amazon Prime Video *

That’s what «Mid90s» is about

Los Angeles in the 90s: Stevie ( Sunny Suljic ) is just hitting puberty and at the same time has to learn to put a stop to his older brother ( Lucas Hedges ) and break away from his doting mother ( Katherine Waterston ) — not to mention, that it’s about time for the 13-year-old to explore the opposite sex as well.

Mid90s Trailer DF
Mid90s Trailer DF


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