Neu auf Amazon Prime In diesem düsteren Horror-Thriller bekommt es Keanu Reeves mit dem Teufel zu tun!

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In the 1990s, it was not just occult horror that celebrated its return to the mainstream with films like “The Nine Gates”, “Stigmata” or “End Of Days”. Film adaptations of John Grisham, which usually focus on the life-threatening everyday work of American lawyers, were also very popular with mass audiences, for example with “The Firm”, “The Files” or “The Jury”.

» The Devil’s Advocate «, which is now included in the Amazon Prime Video subscription , combines these two genres in an incredibly gripping way. Joining the party: Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino and Charlize Theron! The horror-thriller was directed by Taylor Hackford («Blood In Blood Out,» «Ray»), while Michael Clayton creator Tony Gilroy collaborated on the film’s screenplay. There is definitely a lot of talent in the cast and crew.

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That’s what «The Devil’s Advocate» is about

The successful lawyer Kevin Lomax ( Keanu Reeves ) is a young climber from a small southern town and can already look back on 64 (!) consecutive court hearings. But in order to maintain this success rate, he occasionally uses morally rather questionable methods. This draws the attention of the head of a major New York law firm, John Milton ( Al Pacino ), to the young upstart.

Milton offers Kevin a job, a handsome fee, and a huge apartment on Fifth Avenue. After a moment’s hesitation, Kevin accepts the offer and moves with his wife, Mary Ann ( Charlize Theron ), from the provinces to the big city. At first, the two are enthusiastic about the new life and Kevin really thrives in his position. But Mary Ann soon notices that something is fishy about the company. The strange happenings keep increasing and Milton seems to be far more than he pretends to be…

The Devil's Advocate Trailer DF
The Devil’s Advocate Trailer DF



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