Neu auf Amazon Prime Die Fortsetzung einer der besten Serien 2019 ein starbesetztes Action-Highlight &amp mehr

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Two new Amazon Originals launch today: Season 2 of the fantastic fantasy time warp series Undone and a romantic comedy starring Sophie Marceau (“La Boum”). Already started yesterday, but also worth mentioning: «Killer’s Bodyguard 1 + 2» with Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and many other top stars. Here are the most important restarts on Amazon Prime Video :

«Undone»: Absolute viewing recommendation!

Season 1 of Undone has made it into our list of the best series of 2019 and today the sequel finally starts. The series from «Bojack Horseman» creators Kate Purdy and Raphael Bob-Waksberg is about the kindergarten teacher Alma ( Rosa Salazar ). One day she seems to be hallucinating: she sees her father Jacob ( Bob Odenkirk ), who is actually long dead, on the side of the road while she is driving and causes an accident. When she wakes up from the coma, she can suddenly manipulate time — guided by her dead father.

›› «Undone» on Amazon Prime Video *

What makes «Undone» so special — apart from the excellently written main character — is the offbeat animation style. As in Richard Linklater’s film » A Scanner Darkly «, the actors were transformed into animated figures using a complex rotoscopy process. This ensures authentic, nuanced feelings, but also allows the actors to harmonize with the backgrounds, which are implemented in a wide variety of drawing styles, which perfectly capture Alma’s new surreal reality. Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger. All the better that season 2 is finally out:

Undone - Season 2 Trailer OV
Undone — Season 2 Trailer OV



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