Nachdem kaum jemand für den Sci-Fi-Kracher ins Kino ging Starbesetzte Zerstörungsorgie jetzt im Stream nachholen


Gone are the days when disaster film pope Roland Emmerich made a name for himself as a safe bet at the box office in Hollywood with blockbusters like “ Independence Day ”, “ Godzilla ” or “ The Day After Tomorrow ”. In the recent past, he has mainly made films that either crashed financially or just weren’t good — or both. Films like “ White House Down ”, “ Stonewall ”, “ Independence Day 2 ”, “ Midway ” or even “ Moonfall ”.“, which hardly attracted anyone to the cinemas last February. Isn’t the moon-falling-on-earth spectacle worth two hours of your lifetime after all? This is exactly what you can now convince yourself of from the comfort of your sofa.

Almost exactly three months after the theatrical release, «Moonfall» is now available for home cinema — digitally from various streaming providers such as Amazon Prime Video:

» «Moonfall» on Amazon Prime Video *

Anyone who now only spends money on individual films if they can put them on the shelf for them, on the other hand, has to be patient a little longer — but will be duly compensated at the end of the month. Because from May 27, «Moonfall» will also be available on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray, including a limited Steelbook edition.

» «Moonfall» DVD, Blu-ray & 4K at Amazon *
» «Moonfall» 4K Steelbook at Amazon *
» «Moonfall» Blu-ray Steelbook at Amazon *

But: Is «Moonfall» worth it at all?

However, we cannot give an unqualified recommendation for Roland Emmerich ‘s latest orgy of destruction . On the contrary. On the one hand, such a battle of materials is of course mainly made for the cinema, for the largest possible screen and the fattest sound system far and wide. Sure, well-equipped home cinemas should tremble from now on. In the end, it’s probably because of the film itself that the mood of the end of the world on the sofa is limited.

Moonfall Trailer DF
Moonfall Trailer DF



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