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The final episode 6 of » Moon Knight » is available today on Disney+ . This not only leads to a spectacular encounter between the Egyptian deities Ammit and Khonshu, but also to the duel between the avatars Marc Spector aka Moon Knight ( Oscar Isaac ) and Arthur Harrow ( Ethan Hawke ), in which Layla ( May Calamawy ) interferes with the help of the goddess Tawaret. And as if the episode wasn’t exciting enough already, an end credits scene also reveals Jake Lockley as Moon Knight’s third personality.

Our Marvel expert Sebastian explains what Jake Lockley is all about and all other important questions about the finale in the video above. Here we have prepared the most important answers about the end of Season 1 of the Disney Plus series in text form — and we are deliberately writing Season 1, because after this finale a sequel to «Moon Knight» is more likely than ever.

How does Moon Knight end?

To recap the events of «Moon Knight» Episode 6: Arthur puts his plan into action, returns to the temple of the gods in Cairo and frees Ammit there, who wants to destroy all people whose scales do not show balance. But Layla followed Arthur, freeing Ammit’s rival Khonshu, who then wants to make Layla his new avatar, since Marc actually died.

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Meanwhile, Marc has arrived in the afterlife. However, he cannot enjoy the peace there because he left Steven behind in the sands of the Duat. Realizing that Steven is an important part of his personality, he accepts and reverts to him. Actually, the fate of the two seems sealed: It looks as if they have to spend the rest of eternity in Egyptian hell, frozen to sand. But Marc’s emotional speech ensures that the incomplete hearts of the two become one, the golden door opens back to this world and Marc and Steven come back to life.

Admittedly, the whole thing seems like a typical deus ex machina moment. Exactly why Marc’s acceptance of Steven causes the two to come back to life isn’t adequately explained. Our theory: Taweret had a hand in this, since she rushed to the rescue to save Marc and Steven from Osiris, the god of the dead, who tried to stop them one last time with a sand wave.

Now in cinemas: criticism of the new MCU film «Doctor Strange 2»

In any case, Khonshu uses the chance and rushes to the resurrected Marc, who now harmonises perfectly with his second personality and makes a final deal with the bird form. Meanwhile, Layla has also agreed to serve, at least temporarily, as an avatar for the hippo goddess Tawaret, gaining superpowers as a result. Together they confront Arthur Harrow and Ammit. Marc and Layla manage to defeat Arthur. With an Egyptian spell they banish Ammit in his body to be able to finish her off once and for all. But while Khonshu insists on killing Arthur and Ammit once and for all, Marc refuses to take another life.

Instead, he declares his deal with Khonshu over. When he finally wakes up in his bed, the two goldfish in his aquarium symbolize that he now fully accepts both of his personalities. (Before it was always just a fish.) Marc and Steven have no idea that they have at least a third alter ego that only reveals itself after the credits…

Who is Jake Lockley in the end credits scene?

After the credits, there is a post-credits scene in which the defeated Arthur Harrow is in a mental institution. He is kidnapped by a mysterious man who killed some of the asylum staff and takes him to Khonshu who is in a limousine. The stranger who now shoots Arthur, following Khonshu’s orders, looks exactly like Marc. In fact, Jake Lockley is a third personality from «Moon Knight», which has been kept secret from us viewers and also from the other two characters.

Disney+ Moon Knight’s third personality: Jake Lockley

Lockley also exists in the Marvel Comics where he works as a cab driver and is therefore very good at gathering information. However, the Disney+ series seems to have adjusted his personality a bit. Here he is portrayed as an ice-cold hitman who does not spare even innocent civilians. So while Steven is the effeminate innocent lamb and Marc the ambivalent antihero, Jake Lockley seems to know no moral boundaries.

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The perfect avatar for Khonshu, who can continue to use Marc’s body as a puppet without being noticed as long as Jake is in control. This revelation has far-reaching implications for the entire series. Gaps in Marc and Steven’s shared memory were repeatedly highlighted throughout Moon Knight — and now we know why. It was probably Jake Lockley who set up a date with Steven’s museum colleague or exchanged Steven’s goldfish, which neither Marc nor Steven could remember.

Besides, he was the one who defeated Arthur in the first place. Marc and Layla couldn’t even join forces to stop the villain. But after a brief blackout, he was suddenly beaten to death. Neither Marc nor we as an audience got to know exactly how Arthur was defeated. But now everything indicates that Jake Lockley intervened in the fight. He may also have been responsible for Layla’s father’s death. After all, the assassination attempt on his research expedition fits Jake much more than Marc, and the memory of the latter was only shown very fragmentarily in the series.

Is season 2 coming? What’s next for «Moon Knight» in the MCU?

The fact that another personality appears after the actual end of «Moon Knight» makes it clear that the Egyptian-inspired superhero will somehow continue. Originally, «Moon Knight» was announced as a mini-series, but recently there have been increasing indications of a possible season 2. In an interview with FILMSTARTS, Oscar Isaac has already revealed that under the right conditions he would like to return to the Marvel series. role would slip:

«I love it»: Marvel star Oscar Isaac on «Moon Knight» and his future in the MCU

While we think Season 2 is very likely, it’s also possible that the Moon Knight story will be continued in other MCU films and series. For example, he could appear in the upcoming Halloween special Werewolf by Night on Disney Plus. Also, he could become part of a new superhero organization called the Midnight Suns , which also includes Dr. Strange, Blade and possibly Black Knight as well. This has not yet been confirmed for the MCU, but that could change with the upcoming Blade movie.

The future of Moon Knight is uncertain. But we’re sure that episode 6 won’t be the last we’ll see Oscar Isaac in the MCU. But other Marvel films and series will follow for the time being. » Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness » started in German cinemas on May 4th and the next MCU series » Ms. Marvel » will be released on Disney+ on June 8th, 2022 . Sebastian has already analyzed the associated trailer in detail:

Ms. Marvel Trailer Analysis: Altered Origin Story Explained (FILMSTARTS-Original)
Ms. Marvel Trailer Analysis: Altered Origin Story Explained (FILMSTARTS-Original)

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