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At the Star Wars Celebration currently taking place in Anaheim, California , there is a veritable flood of new announcements about the star saga. We are on site and were there live when, for example, the » Andor » trailer was shown. We even got to see trailers for The Mandalorian and Ahsoka , which aren’t released to the general public yet. We also got an exclusive insight into “ Tales Of The Jedi ”. We were allowed to see the first episode and the trailer. More on that at the end of the article. Because first there was also a lot of information about the upcoming anthology series.

The trailer for «Star Wars: Andor»: The anti-hero from «Rogue One» returns soon
Key facts about «Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi» on Disney Plus

«The Clone Wars» maker Dave Filoni , who is currently heavily involved in «The Mandalorian» and «Ahsoka», created, wrote and at least partially directed «Tales Of The Jedi». At the Star Wars Celebration , he announced that the animated series would initially consist of six short episodes. Of these, three would be about Ahsoka Tano and three about Count Dooku. Nevertheless, each of the episodes should stand on its own and there are sometimes large leaps in time in between. Tales Of The Jedi premieres on Disney+ in fall 2022 .

From Jedi to Sith — and with Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon Jinn

Set in the days when Count Dooku was still a Jedi, Count Dooku’s story is about why he left the Order, became a Sith, and joined forces with Darth Sidious. His student Qui-Gon Jinn also appears. Liam Neeson played him in Star Wars: Episode 1 — The Phantom Menace .

For «Tales Of The Jedi» at least the voice of the original actor returns. Liam Neeson only partially voices Qui-Gon Jinn. A younger version is voiced by his son Michael Neeson (aka Micheál Richardson ).

Filoni also stated that he expects strong reactions to the Dooku episodes. People would probably be like, «Woah, that was tough,» according to the Tales Of The Jedi creator. After all, Count Dooku’s transition from doubting Jedi to villain is unlikely to be peaceful.

Webedia GmbH FILMSTARTS editor Benjamin Hecht is live at the Star Wars Celebration and also watched the «Tales Of The Jedi» panel.

According to Filoni, the Ahsoka episodes should cover a «large part of her life» due to their time intervals. At first he did not give any more detailed information. However, he then showed those present in the hall the first episode of «Tales Of The Jedi», which supported his statement. Because Ahsoka is still a baby in it.

The plot of the first episode

The first episode of Tales Of The Jedi takes place in a tranquil village of the Tortuga (the species Ahsoka belongs to). The locals are a tight-knit community and when a child is born everyone is in turmoil. The mother names the child Ahsoka and after a time jump of a few months she wants to teach her daughter an important lesson. She goes hunting with her so Ahsoka can learn the meaning of life and death. But then the trip develops in a dangerous direction.

So far the starting position. We don’t want to reveal more at this point. After all, that would only spoil the episode. Suffice it to say: The animation quality is top, after all, a lot has happened since the first season of “The Clone Wars”. The story itself was told poetically and grippingly, but its resolution at the end could definitely polarize. Filoni even expects headwinds from some fans, as he explained on the panel.

Tales Of The Jedi Trailer

In addition to the first episode, the Star Wars Celebration also featured a trailer for Tales Of The Jedi. It also features other well-known Jedi such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu. There is also a duel between young Count Dooku and a character that is either Yoda or Yaddle. She can only be seen from behind and looks like Yoda with long hair. So it could be a young Yoda who just has significantly more hair than in his other appearances. However, given that its species is aging very slowly, we think such a significant change in a relatively short period of time is unlikely. We therefore bet on Yaddle.

We’ve Seen The Mandalorian Season 3 Scenes First: Here’s How Mando & Baby Yoda Continue!

A lightsaber duel was also teased for Ahsoka, featuring an extremely stylish-looking masked inquisitor who, from memory, we would best describe as a cross between popular Knights Of The Old Republic character Darth Revan and a plague doctor.

The first episode was successful and the trailer makes you want more. Our anticipation for the start of the series on Disney + has definitely increased after the «Tales Of The Jedi» presentation.

First trailer for «Ahsoka» brings back 2 (!) «Star Wars» fan favorites — we’ve seen it


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