Ist SPOILER tot? Das Ende von «365 Days 2» auf Netflix erklärt

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It has become a tradition that the films in the » 365 Days » series just don’t get a proper conclusion and are left with an unexplained moment of shock until the sequel eventually appears on Netflix . That was already the case with part 1 and there is also a mean cliffhanger in “ 365 Days 2: This Day ”.

This is what happens at the end of «365 Days 2» on Netflix

If you want to know immediately what happened to Laura, you can also jump straight to the «Is Laura really dead?» section. But if you want to refresh your memory first or didn’t understand one or the other twist in the story, then we summarize the events that led to the explosive end of «365 Days 2» here:

The drama begins with Laura ( Anna Maria Sieklucka ) apparently catching her husband Massimo ( Michele Morrone ) having sex with a woman named Anna ( Natasza Urbanska ). In fact, it was Massimo’s nasty twin (also Michele Morrone ) who only staged the thing to drive a wedge between Laura and her husband.

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Adriano is jealous of his brother, who inherited their father’s gangster empire, just because he was born ten minutes earlier. That’s why Adriano made a deal with Don Matos ( Ramon Langa ), the boss of a rival mafia family. Together they plan to overthrow Massimo, in which Mato’s son Nacho ( Simone Susinna ) kidnaps Laura, thus forcing him to surrender.

However, Adriano does not keep the agreement. While Don Matos is negotiating with Massimo, Nacho finds out about Adriano’s plan to kidnap and presumably kill Laura himself in order to thwart his more successful brother. But Nacho and Massimo arrive at the scene in time. A Mexican standoff ensues , with Adriano, Anna, Massimo, and Nacho pointing guns at each other while Laura is in Adriano’s hold.

The FILMSTARTS review of «365 Days 2: This Day»

However, when Adriano mentions Laura’s unborn child, implying that he had something to do with the accident, she has had enough: she breaks his hold, tries to escape and is shot in the hip by Anna. Nacho then shoots Anna and Massimo his brother. The film ends with Massimo taking Laura, who is lying on the floor and covered in blood, in his arms.

Is Laura really dead?

Whether Laura survived «365 Days 2″ is deliberately left open in order to arouse curiosity about the upcoming » 365 Days 3 «, which has also already been announced by Netflix. Nevertheless, we are absolutely convinced: No, Laura is not dead!

For one, she is the protagonist of the film series. Without Laura, a sequel doesn’t make much sense. Well, the first two parts didn’t make much sense either, but joking aside: It’s just hard to imagine a sequel without Laura. After all, the series revolves around the erotic adventures of its female protagonist, and Laura is also the focus of the book.

«365 Days 3» on Netflix: The sequel to the erotic thriller is so violent – ​​and it could be released as soon as possible

Also, Laura was not hit in the head or heart, which would have made it unmistakably clear that she is dead. The shot seemed to go very deliberately into the hip. In general, the unwritten law applies in films and series: If the death of a character is not shown very clearly, then she is probably still alive. Of course there are also exceptions, but as a rule such moments simply serve as cliffhangers to keep the tension high for the next part. So we’re expecting to see Laura again in 365 Days — and alive!

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