Is Ms. Marvel worth it? The new Marvel series at Disney + is so good — series news

2022 Disney and its affiliates.

The MCU is getting younger, more feminine and more diverse: This motto sums up the general development in the Marvel Universe since » Avengers: Endgame «. And with » Ms. Marvel » even all three points apply: Kamala Khan not only enriches the MCU like Spider-Man with a youthful perspective, she is also one of the few title heroines — and the first Muslim superheroine ever.

As with “Black Panther”, “Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings” or most recently “Moon Knight”, the fresh setting brings a lot of fresh air to the MCU. But more importantly, «Ms. Marvel» is written so funny, played so well and filmed and staged so dynamically that the first two episodes thrilled us more than any MCU restart for a long time.

» «Ms. Marvel» at Disney+ *

The plot of «Ms. Marvel»

Kamala Khan ( Iman Vellani ) is 16 years old and has to deal with the usual problems of many teenagers: trouble at school, trouble with first love and trouble with strict parents. When she crashes her driving instructor’s car during her driving test, her plan to go to the Avengercon with her best friend Bruno ( Matt Lintz ) is in danger of falling through. Kamala definitely wants to show off her self-made Captain Marvel costume at the superhero fan fair!

Eventually, despite being banned by Kamala’s parents, Muneeba ( Zenobia Shroff ) and Yusuf ( Mohan Kapur ), the two still make it to the fair. But when Kamala puts on her great-grandmother’s bracelet on stage, mysterious powers suddenly awaken in her. Along with Bruno, the enthusiastic Kamala sets out to try out her new skills. Unfortunately, the authorities are already on her trail…

Ms Marvel Trailer DF
Ms Marvel Trailer DF



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