Heute zum ersten Mal im TV Dieser Sci-Fi-Thriller von 2020 ging im Kino völlig unter!

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Jessica Hausner is considered one of the few filmmakers in Austria who have made it onto the international stage. After making a name for herself with » Lovely Rita » (2001) and » Hotel » (2004), she presented all of her later films at some of the most renowned film festivals in the world — such as » Lourdes » in Venice or » Amour Fou » in Cannes . In the meantime, she is not only part of the AMPAS (Academy Of Motion Picture Art And Sciences), which is known to award the Oscars, but also shot with » Little Joe — luck is a business“ Also her first English-language film – which was even in the race for the Palme d’Or in 2019, but went quite badly at the local box office (only 4,000 people lost their way in the dark at the cinema on the opening weekend).

Anyone who has missed the film on the big screen and hasn’t made up for it in the home cinema so far now has the opportunity to catch up on it in a particularly convenient way: «Little Joe» is celebrating its free TV premiere on arte today, May 11, 2022 (8:15 p.m.). . Alternatively, the film is also available as a stream in the broadcaster’s media library until May 17 .

That’s what Little Joe is about: Happiness is a Business

Alice ( Emily Beecham ) loves her job in the greenhouse. Yes, in general, the single scientist lives a happy and fairly carefree life with her son Joe ( Kit Connor ). And then she also made a breakthrough with her research: she succeeded in creating a plant whose fragrance makes the people around her happy at the optimal room temperature. And of course she also names the crimson cinnabar after her son: Little Joe.

Little Joe - Happiness is a Business Trailer DF
Little Joe — Happiness is a Business Trailer DF



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