Geheimtipp Dieses viel zu unbekannte Horror-Highlight könnt ihr ab sofort streamen – nur wenige Wochen nach Kinostart!

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Horror fans in this country once again had to wait a little longer to enjoy a genre highlight, before in the end – once again – everything happened very quickly: “ The Dark And The Wicked ” has already been released in many countries 2020, but it only found its way into German cinemas a few weeks ago. The horror film started at the same time as celebrated genre competitors such as » The Innocents » and Sönke Wortmann’s » Enclosed Society » — and ultimately went largely unnoticed there. A short time later you can now catch up on the scary insider tip at home.

«The Dark And The Wicked» was released in German cinemas on April 14, 2022 and can already be streamed now — just six weeks later. The film is available as a rental and purchase version on the usual platforms such as Amazon Prime Video , but DVD and Blu-ray will be a long time coming.

» «The Dark And The Wicked» on Amazon Prime Video *

By the way, we can only recommend “The Dark And The Wicked” to horror fans. Genre enthusiasts can look forward to an «extraordinarily dark, tightly told spooky story» that slowly creeps under the skin of its audience with its oppressive atmosphere and burns itself into the memory with drastic horror images. In the end, our review author Janick Nolting gave it a good 3.5 out of a possible 5 stars:

The FILMSTARTS review of «The Dark And The Wicked»

And we are by no means the only ones who can get something out of the new film by «The Strangers» maker Bryan Bertino : With 91 percent positive votes on Rotten Tomatoes and 72 out of 100 points on MetaCritic, «The Dark And The Wicked» is one of the best reviewed horror films of the recent past.

This is «The Dark And The Wicked»

Siblings Louise ( Marin Ireland ) and Michael ( Michael Abbott Jr. ) return to their old family farm, where their mother ( Julie Oliver-Touchstone ) takes care of the siblings ‘ father ( Michael Zagst ) — who has dementia head of family is getting worse.

Banned in numerous countries: One of the most disturbing films of all time is released unabridged with an 18 rating — strictly limited!

But Louise and Michael soon notice that something is not right here. Her mother is behaving strangely, is absent and irritable — and puts an end to the spook one night by hanging herself. But that’s where the horror begins…

The Dark And The Wicked Trailer DF
The Dark And The Wicked Trailer DF


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