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Thanks to Tele 5, trash lovers can get their money’s worth every Tuesday, because here the station shows pure Billo trash on a weekly basis, for which the infamous production studio The Asylum (e.g. «Titanic II») shows responsible. Today, May 24, 2022, you can’t expect an Asylum mockbuster, but definitely a hit that could come from exactly this corner: » Dragon Soldiers «, which celebrates its free TV premiere on Tele 5 at 10 p.m.

If you can’t catch today’s TV broadcast of the trash actioner, don’t despair, because there are several good alternatives. «Dragon Soldiers» is currently not only available as a subscription to Amazon Prime Video at no extra charge, but can also be accessed free of charge in Tele 5’s in-house media library for a week after the broadcast. Of course, you can also order the Blu-ray and DVD via Amazon:

›› «Dragon Soldiers» on Amazon Prime Video *
›› «Dragon Soldiers» on Blu-ray and DVD on Amazon *

That’s what «Dragon Soldiers» is about

When more and more people disappear in a forest and the search parties do not return, the residents of a small town are very worried: What is going on there? Mayor Mordry ( Butch McCain ) is alarmed and sends an elite force into the forest to get an idea of ​​the situation on site. As soon as the soldiers arrive, they quickly realize that something is wrong.

Could it have something to do with a primeval monster that is said to still be up to mischief here? After all, stories about the mysterious dragon have been told for decades! Artie Cameron ( Ruben Pla ) and his comrades rise to the challenge and set out to take on the beast. They will soon find that the monster is more real than they ever imagined…

Dragon Soldiers Trailer DF
Dragon Soldiers Trailer DF



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