Fortsetzung eines Schwarzenegger-Hits ab sofort streamen Der Action-Kracher kam erst vor wenigen Wochen ins Kino!

Warner Bros.

Since Arnold Schwarzenegger has been back in front of the camera since the end of his term as governor of California, he has continued where he left off in many places — for example with other «Terminator» films. At the same time, some of his famous action hits are being breathed new life into without his presence: just a few days ago we saw the first picture from the «True Lies» series , in which Steve Howey slips into the role of the Styrian oak . Eraser: Reborn , which recently opened in cinemas, is already available to take home.

The sequel or new edition of Chuck Russell’s action thriller » Eraser «, in which Arnie risks his life to give people at risk a new start through the witness protection program, was shown on the big screen in Germany from March 31, 2022. Just six weeks after its theatrical release, “Eraser: Reborn” is now available in streaming – as a purchase VOD on popular platforms such as Amazon Prime Video (DVD and Blu-ray will follow on June 15):

» «Eraser: Reborn» on Amazon Prime Video *
» «Eraser: Reborn» DVD & Blu-ray on Amazon *

While film fans in this country often have to wait longer until a film finds its way from overseas to Germany, in the case of «Eraser: Reborn» it is exceptionally the other way round: The film ends up in local home cinemas even before its US premiere ! In the USA, the film will be released on June 7th without any prior theatrical release. But be careful: The direct-to-video strategy there is no coincidence…

«Eraser: Reborn»: Loveless, unnecessary, embarrassing

In terms of content, director John Pogue , whom trash fans know for horror pickles like «Quarantäne 2» or «Deep Blue Sea 3», is following well-known paths, which ultimately means: He tells the well-known story again — and enriches it them with ideas ranging from the uncreative to the insane.

Instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is now «Shadowhunters» star Dominic Sherwood who, as US Marshall Mason Pollard, is helping key witnesses to go underground. He uses every conceivable means to fake her death so that they can later live a quiet life under a completely new identity. His latest assignment: he is to help Rina Kimura ( Jacky Lai ) to leave her old life behind — and protect her from the henchmen of her criminal ex. But even fleeing to Cape Town, thousands of kilometers away, doesn’t help. Rina is tracked down and fears for her life. And Pollard? He is facing his toughest mission so far, because he seems to have a traitor in his ranks…

Eraser: Reborn Trailer DF
Eraser: Reborn Trailer DF



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